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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by crookedwillar, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. crookedwillar

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    I was wanting to buy a couple beaver coil springs bigger than my than my #4s and I was wondering what trap is all around better and maybe easiest to set since I only weigh about a buck forty.:biggrin:I have looked at Bridger#5s, TS-85s C.D.R.7.5s and MB750s any help would be greatly appreciated.:up:
  2. neotoxo

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    TS-85s by a long shot...not only are they the biggest but the levers are long giving you the leverage to set the trap but be careful they are powerful...

    I have some Bridgers but have to attach a pair of small Vise-grips to the levers to safely set them...but they are also some beaver catching tools...

    I'd like to own some CDRs and MBs but the cost is a bit much for me...

  3. geslayton

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    I only have 1 beaver foothold and I am just now learning how to use it. It is a TS 85, I was undecided until I went to the Southeast NTA in Russellville. I was able to set all the other traps and hold them in my hand. After setting them all, I am sold on the TS 85. It was by FAR the easiest to set because of the trap design, not because it is weak. I LOVE the dogless pay system, best one out there IMO.
  4. frogleg

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    Of those you mentioned I only have the mb750's and TS85. The TS85 is much easier to set than the 750.
  5. crookedwillar

    crookedwillar Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help guy's I do believe TS-85s will work for me.