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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by BKoutdoorsman, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. BKoutdoorsman

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    Me and my friend just recently discovered a swampy area with a huge lodge and fresh sign including tracks all over the lodge, and cut trees everywhere. I have no idea how to trap beaver. What kind of trap should i use? Where should i set them? Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Dmille5

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    330 conibears at the dam crossovers or hut entrances works pretty good

  3. Buck-Ridge

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    The further you make sets from the lodge is where you'll catch the adults. # 3 or larger traps set 6" deep in the edges of the slides where they enter and leave the water. Or at their scent mounds. which will look like a pile of muddy leaves at the edge of the water on the bank. If you make sets at the lodge entrance you'll educate the big ones after they see a kit caught there. That is my experience with catching them.
  4. BKoutdoorsman

    BKoutdoorsman Well-Known Member

    Do i just put the trap on a stake or what?
  5. geslayton

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    If you don't have a drowning rig set your traps up with 5 or more feet of chain and stake it solid out of reach of trees if possible, put plenty of swivels on it and they will be there.

    I did catch a 60+ pound beaver today in a 1.5 coilspring set it a pocket for coons, the trap was on a drag with 5 feet of chain and I got REALLY lucky that it went up on dry land instead of hitting the water. If you don't have big traps you can have some success with smaller traps, just target the front feet and plan on loosing a few to wring outs.
  6. woodsnwater

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    Snares and cable extension. 330 in runs. STAY AWAY FROM THE HUT like was mention. Mistake i made and learned that at a demostration. I didn't know either.