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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Double M, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Double M

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    I will have a booth set up at this year's Beast Feast in Conway on Feb. 5th. Come see me! Hope to see you there! Who plans on coming?
  2. How much are tickets?

    February 5th is a good day. Had some great men born on that day. :up:

  3. Mark Grady

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    I'm there every year:thumb:
  4. Hey Mike what is Beast Feast??
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  6. OK, this is what I found on line:

    Beast Feast is the annual Sportsman's Banquet hosted by the Second Baptist Men's Ministry in Conway, Arkansas.

    It is held each winter and is open to men and boys of all ages and is a night filled with games, entertainment, prizes, live music, great food, and great speakers.

    Beast Feast is an outreach made possible by our sponsors and volunteers. It is not a fund-raiser. As a matter of fact, ticket sales cover only about one third to one half of the total coast of the event.
  7. possum

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    In short it's some great fellowship and groceries. :up:

    If you want tickets you better be quick, they usually don't last long.
  8. NWA Bowhntr

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    It's a great time, I went a few years ago. I am going to be in Memphis that weekend this year.:down:
  9. HotGuns

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    I've attended at Beast Feast at Russellville First Baptist and almost attended one in Stuttgart but Shifty gave my ticket away.

    Should be a good fun time. :thumb:
  10. Sorry yall, the Hotgun's post above was mine. Forgot to log Dad out before I posted. :smack:
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    So you're goin around on the forum pre-tending to be your Dad:head: You trying to get him in trouble or something?:fit: