Bears and deer on same area how does it affect things?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Averyhntr, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Averyhntr

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    O.k. fellas I have a question fer ya. This is the 3rd year for us to really hunt my property up near chimes for deer and the first year that we are going all out bow only on the property so we have been doing some early pre season work lately. Hung a trail cam on a very active mineral site we have and got the normal doe and fawns, young bucks, and starting to get some good velvet growers showing up but today we got a pic of smaller bear on the site and he has made it a habbit of it.

    So question is. Since I have no interest in the bear and only the deer how will he affect the deer hunting if he is a normal. This particular mineral site is also a place we usually hang a small feeder and do our rice bran for our "head counts on camera" ya know to get an idea of whos who on the farm. And if ol Yogie bear is coming around all the time will he hurt the deer movement?

    Heres a pic of him. The barb wire you see is hung for the purpose of keeping cows out of the mineral and off the feeder during season other wise we end up only feeding cows and I really aint excited about that so we had to fence em out. oh yea and i didnt set the date and time on my camera guess im too lazy to.

  2. THExONE

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    I tell you what. I will do you a favor and come down there and take care of that pesky bear for ya on Oct. 1st. That is assuming you are in a legal bear zone.

    The deer and bear get along fine. The bear will tear up your feeders though.

  3. RL

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    If you put up a feeder you will see a lot more bears the deer will still be there but the bears will mess up most feeders you will be ok after about the first week in November they will be hibernating my family has land in that same area good luck
  4. BIG JIM

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    I have noticed that when the bear move in on one of my feeders the deer get more scarce. Might be just coincidence but they do seem to find another feeder.
  5. bloody acorns

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    I have two hitting my feeders - when the get regular deer get scarce - as for taking care of them October 1st - they wont be around happens every year - they hit the road about the middle of Septermber
  6. Averyhntr

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    He has worked over the simple pipe feeder you see in the pic already. I have noticed a lack of deer pics since he has made this spot his favorite though. I really dont want that either. I can take care of him on October 1 myself as well but really dont want him to screw up any chances at a buck in the early bow season though. Its not the first time weve had a pic of a bear but they have never been around more than one day and then gone. This young fella seems to like the area though and it has me thinking twice about putting up my bigger feeder in August like we usually do for the deer.

    Do yall think he might pass on closer to september or just become a more regular customer? Our property is only 160 acres what if I set up a feeder on another spot would the deer transistion to it or would ol yoggie just go to it too?
  7. Averyhntr

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    Were in a zone for sure but not sure hes what ya call a shooter. The top string of barb wire in the background behind him is only at waist high to me and I'm 6'2" I can easily straddle it and if you look that string of fence is well above his back so he is just a young gun.
  8. BIG JIM

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    They usually hang around my lease until the acorns start falling pretty good. Last year they were there every day until the first day of the gun bear season:banghead:.We still had a few pics of them after that but not very often. I had two more feeders on my lease which is 230 acres and I only had one pic of a bear at one of them.
  9. mitchhigh

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    The years I've had them, they usually become scarce as muscadines, acorns, and persimmon becomes available. Problem is I believe those food sources are gonna be scarce and your feeder will remain a prime target.
  10. Averyhntr

    Averyhntr Well-Known Member

    Yea Mitch I believe thats why he is such a regular at our table now. due to the lack of food in the woods. Looks like its time to get started with the no plow food plots and hope they come up good so we can hold some deer since the bear are taking advantage of our other stuff.
  11. BIG JIM

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    If the other food sources are scarce this year then you know what to do. Those young bear hams are great smoked!:eating:
  12. Inspectorduck

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    We kill bear and deer with a bow off of the same stand. Thin out a couple bear and you'll see more deer lol!
  13. brbowhunter

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    In my area. When the bear move in. The deer move out.
  14. The Iceman

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    Same here! We're getting more bear than people think, they're driving me nuts!