bear proofing deer feeders

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Doyle_Hargraves, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Doyle_Hargraves

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    I'm new to the site so sorry if this has been addressed before. My wife's family has a deer lease near El Dorado and I just got on it. Some of her family were telling me they've been having problems with black bears tearing up some of the deer feeders. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what feeders to buy or ways to bear proof them. I'm from southeast Texas and have never had to deal with black bears before. Any and all help is much appreciated!
  2. scarhead

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    Boat winch strapped to a tree to crank feeder in air, out of reach of the overgrown coons is about all I've seen work. If it contains feed and they can reach it, they will break the legs, turn it over, and pretty much destroy it.
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  3. Black Feather

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    ^. Suspending it is the only way to go.
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    I ran a chain between two trees then put a pulley in the middle and ran the boat winch (mounted the winch to a tree) cable through it and hung my feeder to it. I have lots of pictures of bears standing up looking at it trying to figure out how to get it.
  5. b8hickman

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    This is the only way to go. I used a steal cable with a pulley in the middle. The feeder must be far enough from the tree that they can reach out and hit it with there paws.
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  6. Whiskey River

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    Hang this sign on the feeder...


    There is a guy outside of El Do named Karl Childers that will give you one of those signs. He works at a lawn mower shop...
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    I know Karl a little bit. I'll have to stop by and see him after band practice with Randy and Morris is over.
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  8. Pappybo

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    I've had one hanging the last 3 years. That is until lease got sold this year.
  9. sam

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    My SIL is a welder and when the bears at our lease ate his last plastic tripod feeder swore he could build a bear proof feeder. He did. Sits on 2 inch pipe legs, 50 gallon metal barrel, 3/8 plate lid, and a cage around the spinner feeder made out of the lower narrow parts of a cattle panels. Only trouble was you could only put it where we could get a trailer, too heavy to carry. It has held up for 3 years of bear attacks though.
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  10. Dave57

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    Mine is close to the same, used angle iron and rebar in a couple of spots.