Bear or Big Cat

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  1. I ran my coon dogs tonight and they got into something that took care of 3 good coon dogs. I have run dogs for 20+ years and have never seen anything like this. The puncture holes are 2 1/2" apart. And when I say took care of 3 dogs I mean eat them up BAD. When I got there I could hear the fight and started in buy the time I got 200yards or so in. All quite and I waited and about 20min later 2 of them came out to me. The walker I could see had blood pouring of off him. From the front shoulders up. I could see the blood running off at 50 yards. The young red bone has 3 good bites on his head front leg and back leg up by the tail. I could not get the other red bone to come out or even make a sound. So I went back to the house got my brother to come and go with me and we found him in 50yards or so deeper then the other 2. BAD shape eat up head,neck,legs,back. I tied him to a tree and we went in to find the fight spot and we did there was blood waist high on trees blood all over the ground. I cant explain what it looked liked.
    We have bears and have had cougar on some game camers this year. So that is all can think. I have 3 good dogs. And nothing small is going to do this.
    What could it be.
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    Man I dont know what you ran in to but I do know That I DONT WANT ANY PART OF IT. LOL!! Possiably Bigfoot.:whistle:

    Seriously though I have seen a coyote tear a dog up pretty bad. I seen about five coyote dogs running walkers get thier butts whipped under a shed one time by a black coyote that the bayed under it by the time he was done all the dogs where just barking bayed instead of trying to fight him.
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    Have you ever had trouble with your dogs trashin? Do you think they bayed whatever it was? I figure the list is pretty short on what would do that to 3 grown salty dogs.
  4. No trash. You could not beat them and make them run deer,hog,yote, what ever. I went back in there today and found three spots where they tied up. But so many leaves you cant tell what it was. lot of blood everywhere.:head:
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    It sounds like you ran into a cougar. It's rare but every once in a while there will be a cat that decides it doesn't want to run or tree and would rather " git it on!". I heard of one cat, a big tom up here in Montana on the west side border of Glacier Nat. Park that had killed numerous dogs. He would bate the dogs for short distance and then stand at the base of a tree to cover his back and when the dogs showed up he'd get to work.