Bear or Big Cat

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  1. I ran my coon dogs tonight and they got into something that took care of 3 good coon dogs. I have run dogs for 20+ years and have never seen anything like this. The puncture holes are 2 1/2" apart. And when I say took care of 3 dogs I mean eat them up BAD. When I got there I could hear the fight and started in buy the time I got 200yards or so in. All quite and I waited and about 20min later 2 of them came out to me. The walker I could see had blood pouring of off him. From the front shoulders up. I could see the blood running off at 50 yards. The young red bone has 3 good bites on his head front leg and back leg up by the tail. I could not get the other red bone to come out or even make a sound. So I went back to the house got my brother to come and go with me and we found him in 50yards or so deeper then the other 2. BAD shape eat up head,neck,legs,back. I tied him to a tree and we went in to find the fight spot and we did there was blood waist high on trees blood all over the ground. I cant explain what it looked liked.
    We have bears and have had cougar on some game camers this year. So that is all can think. I have 3 good dogs. And nothing small is going to do this.
    What could it be.:head::confused::mad:
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    Sound's like a bear.

  3. some kind of cat, had a 58lb bobcat get a walker of mine about 17 years ago sounds like the same senero only i got the cat if you can go back to about the same spot withsome different dogs just kep them close and youll get the predator but sounds like a cat to me
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    Sounds like a bear with little ones. Black bears are like most animals when it comes to avoidance. They'd rather get out of the way then stand and fight. But a momma bear with a little one is a totally different story. I could see where a mad momma would be VERY much upset at three dogs that threaten her cub. :verymad:
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    Mt. Lion or a cougar.
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    Shouldn't bears be sleepin this time of year?:dontknow:
  7. Not down here it does not get cold enough to keep them in a den.
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    Sounds like a cat to me as well. I sure hate to hear that. I wouldn't think it would be a bear this time of year. I would say they found a mt lion or a good sized bobcat. How are the dogs doing? are they going to live over it?
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    Hope the dogs heal up quick.
  11. i think we ought to go hunt what ever it was ill bring my dogs if'n you want to
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    Sounds like a cat to me. If it was a momma bear those dogs would have been dead. A swipe of the paw of a bear would crush bones as well. Plus you would have heard the bear if it was fighting something.
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    Bear in White River area are usually hibernating this time of year, I have read articles on it, they usually just climb trees to sleep. I am thinking it was a hog that did it, especially when you said that about punctures and the spacing of them.
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    I gotta couple dogs that'll tree that thing for u and we'll bring the Airedale for the fight!!
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    I've hunted bears and Mt Lions w/dogs....they will go up trees if there are any trees of sufficient size.....I'd hafta see the bites to hazzard a guess...were there not any tracks around?
  16. John Stiles

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    Where were you, I could come have a looksee.
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    A hog big enough to do that to three dogs, would have sliced them open not just left puncture wounds. Thats why the bottom teeth are refered to as "cutters"
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    Regardless of what it turns out to be, it is out of the ordinary. :confused:
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    Not really so much.....a crippled bear will do that. I remember an old sow nicknamed "flat-tire" because her crippled back leg left a trail in the dirt like a flat tire on a car. She whipped or killed a mess of dogs before she finally was outnumbered by several packs of dogs at one time. "Old" cougars or bears generally don't have many teeth left so I doubt it being the case. Could've been a wolf or wolves....of which we aren't suppose to have any. Feral dog/wolf/coyote hybrids can reach wolf proportions....they can't climb trees, and are generally un-afraid of dogs.
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    That's something that would be fun to see. Dogs...night....dim lights...crazy dog cutt'n stuff in the woods....That would be something to get on camera...that'd be some Blair Witch stuff right there. You could sell that.

    Hate to hear it for the dogs. Hope they're OK. Whatever it is in those woods has to go down now. They've tasted blood and lived through it...gotta go down now. Too many ole'timers have told me that you ever have a bear or a cat taste blood and live they'll never be scared of anything.