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Beagles for sale***SOLD

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I have 2 male pups and 1 female, about 7 mon. old
$75. each for the males,,$50. for the female,,,,,,,,,
Expecting another litter in about three weeks, all
the pups will be for sale $50. each at 6 weeks,,shot and wormed
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somebody let me make you a good deal on all 3 of these pups
im working out of state, my wifes taken care of em,, you guys no the rest
I'm looking for a pup for my little boy. How tall will theese pups grow to be. I won't be hunting him/her, stricly an inside dog. My wife wanted a little bitty expensive lap dog, but I won a bet so I got to choose.:thumb:
The female will be the smallest one,, shes not a runt but the littlest in the litter
im afraed to say in incnes,, she wont be verry tall,,pertty black back pup.
the males are small, one is a little legy,,the smallest has half bald face kind of ugly
to be truthfull this dog is a little old to house break and perty hiper
if your intrested in the female for the boy give me a call ,,long way to drive to buy a dog,
but it might not be to far to get a free one
How far south of Mena are you, we are going to mapquest you address and see how to get to you. Thanks.:biggrin:
15,,16 miles south of mena HY 71 at cove (zip 71937) i live 4,1/2 miles due east of cove
the 3 pups have been sold!
Ill have a new litter for sale soon
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