beagle/waker mix

Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by yellowlab, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. yellowlab

    yellowlab Well-Known Member

    What do y'all think bout them? I personally they run at the best pace between walkers and beagles.
  2. gunslinger66

    gunslinger66 Account Suspended

    Hands down best solo rabbit dog I ever had was out of a treeing walker and a beagle gyp.

  3. mmcginty19

    mmcginty19 Well-Known Member

    I would like to find about 4 to get a pack of deer dogs started.

    HORJUA Well-Known Member

    Give me a month and a half buddy and I will give u some pups I have 2 dogs breed.
  5. grantCodogrunner

    grantCodogrunner Well-Known Member

    I think some of the half breeds are faster than the big dogs. i believe they have bred the nose off of a lot of the walkers these days.
  6. niterage272

    niterage272 Well-Known Member

    best rabbit dog i ever saw.wouldnt mind having one
  7. I'm looking for a couple beagles to rabbit hunt with if you may have any or know Someone who might
  8. beaglesman

    beaglesman Well-Known Member

    got three for sale they put it on one u can read about em on the dogs for sale board 400 for the three of em 479-883-7735