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Well...some of you may recall the two beagles that showed up skinny and scared in February. They came and left and though they would eat food we left out some, they wanted no part of humans. We gave up trying to tame them and catch them.

Fast forward to July when we saw him breed her out in one of our pastures. Great. Just great. Well of course she got pregnant and we found she had the puppies in a culvert. They look to be 100% beagle...and that makes sense since we don't know of any other intact male dogs around the area. We have taken the puppies and they are almost 5 weeks old. This has also allowed us to catch mom and once the pups are weaned she will be spayed and we will live trap the male and get him done too. May never be able to really tame them. But at least no more pups. It's either that or we have them put to sleep. Not sure which is kinder really.

So...I have found homes for 2 of the 4 pups. I have 2 left to home and they are tri-colored adorable female beagles. I don't want them to be dogs that live in a pen in the yard and only get out to hunt once in a while. I'd prefer them to be pets that of course may also hunt. I want them to have care and attention. Yes...I realize that may sound silly to some. But it matters to me. The adults likely are the way they are because they never had good human interactions.

If you would be a good home for one or both of these pups...or know someone who would...let me know. They have been dewormed and will be again...and will have first vaccine and be eating well on their own before I let them go. They are well on their way to that so I expect them to be ready 10/30.

Hard to get good pics as they are so active. I can get more if someone is interested.
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