Be careful boaters! GEEZ!

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by green_head_getter, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Me and a buddy were fixin to Launch our boat i'n a creek to go coyote hunt some fields. We get to the ramp and see a guy flailing i'n the water about 50 yards downstream. We look closer an he is hugging a gas can. We run to the guys rescue and help him out. He flipped his narrow John boat somehow and his brand new 15hp yamaha was underwater, but luckily still on boat. We got his boat drug
    Up and drained out and pulled back to the ramp. Funny thing was this guy was on his way to rescue another guy who hit a stump up creek and lost his motor. So we had a second person to save, we take off on search for this guy. A mile or so up creek we find him just floating with no motor. Just so happens I knew the kid and he was kind of a jerk to me In HS. I was laughing most the way back. Didn't feel sorry for him one bit tho. That's what happen when you are actin stupid and not bein careful. We got to huntin late and didn't see crap. So be careful so I can hunt. Haha. Glad everyone ended up being ok and glad I could get a good laugh at that guy! Bet he was thinkin about bein a punk all those times
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    Karma :clap:

    Bet he was thinking about being a jack-hole back in HS........I know I would have.

    Good for ya'll doing the right (and only) thing in that situation.:up:

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    Man....I guess it was their lucky day.
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    So.... the rescuer needed rescued. :smack:
    Talk about the blind leading the blind:fit:
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    Hint-Hint..... Lifejackets guys!!!!

    This is what I told my wife I wanted for Christmas.... a good life jacket! Of course right now it's useless since I don't have any water to run in anyway... but I'll have it someday!!

    Got one for my FIL too!!! Hope te get a another spare to leave in the truck for "JIC"

    Those guys were sure lucky!!!