Bbq smoker trailer fs

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    This is a new rig built by myself. I only used it a few times and it cooks great with a steady even temp throughout. There are four slide out racks and slide out ash pan and wood box. It also has a 6 gallon double basket cajun fryer. These fryers are unbeatable.( All mounted on new 4x10 trailer with epoxy primer and high temp paint. Asking $3500.

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    That's an awesome looking smoker there!:up:
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    That is a fine looking rig, it like the one that i'm looking to build. Can u post a pic. of the wood box
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    thanks for the compliments fellas... I need a buyer so yall spread the word... i'll get some more pics asap mikeg...
  8. If you don't mind me asking .......what size pipe did you use for your exhaust?
  9. tgooch

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    I love the hatchets and horseshoes. Nice touch there, should go pretty quick. Thats a lot of money just for the metal and materials.
  10. catfish1

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    It is a 6" pipe... which is equal to the opening from the firebox into the cooking chamber.
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    very sweet... dang good fab job for sure.. top notch.. well worth the $$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    OK folks...I'll take $2,900. Tax season is here, I got one on the ground and one on the way... need to sale!
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    Real nice job. You need to show that on a Biker website....:up::biggrin:
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    thanks... I'll give it a try.
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    that is super nice!!
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    Are you set up to take credit card payments. I am being serious too. I might would get one of my wholesale reps to buy it for me.
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    The weather is gettin tright... somebody make me an offer. c'mon
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    Nice Smoker......:thumb: