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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by shiftymcfive01, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. shiftymcfive01

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    Saw some boys this morning at lower that looked like they might belong to a club by this name.
  2. Black OpsThe legend

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  3. armyguy

    armyguy Well-Known Member

    pictures would be funny too shifty

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Let me guess..........They were wearing PINK Camo??:whistle:
  5. btech29

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    and pink visors. :fit:

    I dont like sissies.
  6. shiftymcfive01

    shiftymcfive01 Super Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner<br>2013

    Khakis and topsiders. costa del mars shirts and down vests. and CAMO VISORS and they matched. and drove a nice Denali that had never been off the hardtop. it was odd.
  7. Black OpsThe legend

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    That is odd, probably some little rich boys in the Denali their mom and daddy bought em:fit:
  8. usertw24

    usertw24 Well-Known Member

    whats wrong with rich boys
  9. derk8586

    derk8586 Well-Known Member

    hold up! these guys were hunting there??? wish i wuda went there instead of Buckingham now. it would have been all worth it just to see that.:fit::fit:
  10. derk8586

    derk8586 Well-Known Member

    oh by the way LEGEND. got my DFB today. its just what everyone said it was. and blows much easier and sounds better than my buddys ps olt. :up:
  11. And get this...they walked out with one limit of wood ducks. Not a greenhead in the bunch. :eek:

    Dog's face was painted too. :fit:
  12. ihateroboducks

    ihateroboducks Well-Known Member

    What's wrong with sperry's and costas? Sounds like people with class to me not everyone wears wranglers with hollister and American eagle graphic tees.
  13. NaturalStateNative

    NaturalStateNative Well-Known Member

    A guy came up and talked to us at lower on monday that kinda gave me the creeps. He didn't sound like he was from around here. I think he wanted a piece of my buddy, he wouldn't leave him alone :skeptical:
    I wanted to say "look dude, it's 20 degrees, I've been up since 1, the heat is running in the truck as YOU speak. If you want his number I'll give it to you, just let us get the :censored: out of here"
  14. Hud_AthensArcher

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    Yeah I saw those guys too. They must think all that fancy stuff will let them kill more ducks.
  15. ksf04001

    ksf04001 Well-Known Member

    I dress nice and drive a nice truck! im still wondering where this makes me any less of a hunter? :head:
  16. green_head_getter

    green_head_getter Super Member<br>2010 Bowhunting Contest Winner

    It doesn't. Apparently duck hunters can't have nice things. I paint my dogs face, I paint my own. Why!? Because I Can! I have a benelli, Almost worth as much as my truck. However, I generally hunt out of an old beat up canoe. I try and have nice things. But I lack in some areas. Don't hate on me for it
  17. jwalker

    jwalker Well-Known Member

    As long as u r killing ducks who cares!!
  18. ffinman

    ffinman Member<br>2010-11 Bow Hunting Contest Winner

    I don't theink it was so much of, the having nice thins that bothers everyone....It's the fact that they all called each other to see what they were wearing so they'd match! :thumb:
    ..........Or they all went shopping togeather....
  19. Black OpsThe legend

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    Good Deal!!!! Glad you like it!!!!:up:
  20. McBride Guided Wood Duck Hunts

    Sounds like the they were on a guided hunt with Will McBride. I heard he offers a Wood Duck package that's hard to beat.

    Wood Duck Hotline: (501)416-4375