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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Halowell Hideout, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Halowell Hideout

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    1) Brushy > its for boats, not duck hunters. If you must hunt brushy, please feel free to do so somewhere other than where people are hunting in the woods.
    2) Wood Ducks > quit shooting them. There are plenty of Mallards to work. Just b/c you aren't working a group doesnt mean noone else is. If you want to shoot woodies ... go to the saline river. If i boat past you and there are 6 woodies hanging from your duck lanyard... you are part of the problem.
    3) Robo ducks > is 5 of them necessary? Does tying them from trees really help? How bout the 8 foot poles? Maybe I'm missing something here. I passed a group to day with 2 1/2 robos out... third one only had one wing. Wonder if that other wing woulda made the difference???
    4) Skybusting > its been said thousands a times, but I'll try again. If they are above the trees... don't shoot. That is not how its supposed to be done. Please work the ducks into your "hole." Please? :cross:
    5) Facepaint > Hey I'm all for concealment, but if you're going through the trouble of painting your yellow labs face, wouldn't you want to cover up the red gas tank sitting in your boat 10yds behind you?
    Just a few things I've noticed, and after all... this is a forum right?
    I am looking forward to any additions that you guys may have.
  2. griff

    griff Well-Known Member

    last time i checked a wood duck was legal to shoot.....if you dont like it u go somewhere else. its a public hunting area and thats what happens. and if u dont like sky bustin maybe u should go lease some land... its public huntin, it happens...and last time i checked robo's were legal also....bayou meto and several places have been screw up for years.....just because you carry 15 shells isnt going to stop sky bustin. that was a dumb :censored: law that a bunch of idiots come up with. and u cant even kill a full 6 duck limit in there another stupid law....:shrug:

  3. duckpond

    duckpond Well-Known Member

    That x2 was for you halowell hideout behind you 110 percent
  4. WackinNstackin

    WackinNstackin Well-Known Member

    Thank you HH! Those are my thoughts exactly! You can kill woodies at any place, if y'all wanna shoot them go to Bell Slough or Harris Brake. Carry on.
  5. doublelung09

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    yea im with you to hideout

    BTRTHNU Active Member

    Sounds like griff got his feelins hurt guys...... Maybe hes one of the 1000 problems out there!!!!!!
  7. arcountryboy

    arcountryboy Well-Known Member

    Maybe people who think they make the rules and run the place is one of the 1000 problems out there. Kill what you want and others will kill what they want. As long as it's legal, all you can do is sit there and whine about not getting to kill your precious mallards. Ducks are just like the dink bucks, if there legal, quit whining about it.:cool:
  8. GunnerX2

    GunnerX2 Well-Known Member

    X10 im w u also HH. dont hunt the metro that much and all of the reasons u stated HH is why! i know of plenty of places for all the sky busters to sky bust. if they wanna sky bust send ne a pm and ill hook u up!:biggrin:
  9. people paint thier yellow labs with face paint?
  10. 9oclockflytime

    9oclockflytime Well-Known Member

    You just dont get it do you?....
  11. Yell County Bowhunter

    Yell County Bowhunter Well-Known Member

    Nope...some people never do....:smack:
  12. UncleDuck12

    UncleDuck12 Well-Known Member

    You tell them all, you hardcore woodie killa!!!! If it weren't for people just like you and griff, we probably wouldn't say a curse word all duck season. But thankfully there are men like yourself who cannot work precious mallards and help rid the world of the devistation that a woodie can bring! I salute you sir!! LONG LIVE THE ROBO'S!!!!!!......... and xtended range pattern masters!
  13. zpenter

    zpenter Well-Known Member

    im with you HH work the birds in!!! OH i know maybe the guys that get mad cant call the ducks in :up: and have to shoot woodies i can hear the whistle now :up: HH most of the guys are probably from out of state :clap::clap:
  14. usmchog14

    usmchog14 Well-Known Member

    great post... and the next group that comes in on top of me at 8 in the morning and sets up i'm gonna blast your robo duck......

    if you see light flashing at you at 5 in the a.m. in the woods don't get as close as you can to them so that you can even smell the brand of tobacco on his breath... stay far enough away you can work two different groups of green heads.

    and last but not least. i'm all about having your favorite holes... but no one hunting in the Scatters today found the hole they are hunting in.. they had been found long before any of us were hunting in there.. so no.. its not your hole buddy..
  15. zpenter

    zpenter Well-Known Member

    that is good i tell you :clap::clap:X2
  16. Kevinmm

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    X1000 HH!!!!!
    It's bad enough when these guys drive all the way from GA and SC to skybust, but at least they got an excuse, they just too dumb to know better. When you see AR boys doin it , that's just uncalled for!! Go hunt the river somewhere if you can't work timber ducks and leave the timber for the people that enjoy workin ducks !!
    Somebody explain to me how these guys think they're doin any killin with boats running through their decoys all morning!!
  17. Yell County Bowhunter

    Yell County Bowhunter Well-Known Member

    This may get someones blood boiling...Wood Ducks = pass shooting=no skill...

    Mallards = decoying and calling=skill

    Do you think this might be the problem...:head::head::head: