Bayou Meto and Horses

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Donkey, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Donkey

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    Does anyone know if it is legal to ride a horse in Bayou Meto? Got a buddy who has a horse trailer hook up ready to roll in the morning. He said that we was not getting beat to his hole. I told him to be careful b/c I did not if this was legal. Does anyone know if you can ride a horse on WMA's to duck hunt? He will have a white ford with a gray trailer and sure his horses name. He is also going to build a temp. horse pen at the turnaround for the weekend so he doesnt have to haul him around in the afternoons.
  2. qwack smacker 1on1

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    :fit::fit::fit:will they run 48 mph

  3. clover patch

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    I think they don't allow horse's on bayou Meto due to problelms they had with deer hunters using them a few years back. You need to check with the office at Hollowell or call someone in the district office in Monticello. Wouldn't want him to haul all that down there and not be able to use them.
  4. griff

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    didnt know that u could lease a spot in wma's.....said ur buddy wasnt going to get beat to his hole:head:
  5. 48 MPH !!! :fit: :fit: :fit:, now thats a good un!!!
  6. jla

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    That the horses name would even be a concern cracks me up ........... white ford, grey trailer, horses name:fit::fit:

    Years ago I helped a bit in a bait shop, sold license and at that time AGFC required a dog license. Bubba would come up to the counter ............. "need a dog license" .............. "no problem" (imagine getting lock box out and paperwork) ................... first question ............ "Name??" ............... "uuhhh, black jack" (or any dogs name) ....................... "no man, your name"!!!
  7. Hedge

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    Well, I think the rule is 25 or less. Ba da boom, Sorry couldn't resist
  8. Averyhntr

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    Only if you paint their faces hahahahhaha:fit::fit:

    sorry just couldnt pass it up. I have no idea on horses down there.
  9. lanierjc

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    I'm sorry, I'm laughing my but off, but, I have to ask does any one know the rules on riding horses in WMA's?
  10. jwalker

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    This is killin me that's a crazy idea but might just work but I got one better I know a pilot who has a plane y'all could hire him to fly y'all in at 4 y'all could parachute in the hole like paratroopers all he'll need is your gps coordinates !! Just pm me I'll make sure he gets them I'll pm u back let u know where to get on the plane!!
  11. Hooked Spurs

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    I was actually thinking about starting a business shuttling hole runners. I'm gonna train a llama and if anyone dare get in our way, the llama is trained to spit. I bet the regulation book says nothing about a llama. $20 one way ticket / 250 lb. minimum. Rides begin at 2:00 am sharp. Also, spouses and kids welcome to the petting zoo after shooting hours. Look for us, I rented a Uhaul van!!!! :thumb:

    Note of caution: Don't hold eye contact with my llama for a period of more than 30 seconds within a 6 foot distance. He will spit!!!
  12. NaturalStateNative

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    If I see guys wearing camo drop into the jake hole with parachutes I'm gettin the :censored: outta there. Those guys mean buisness.
  13. jwalker

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    Duck commander ain't got nothin on the mallard militia!!!
  14. bigmac7825

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    I love this one! :fit: I can hear it now "Hey! Get out my hole before I have this here llama spit in yer eye!"
  15. BDW

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    Spittin' llamas and bad boy duck hunters.....THAT SPELLS F-U-N!!!

  16. green_head_getter

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    Awesome! Horseback rides to the duck hole. Now that there's funny
  17. bswolfe373

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    my mother in law gotta pair of waders she out grew that'll prolly fit that horse!!!!!!:fit:
  18. Hooked Spurs

    Hooked Spurs Well-Known Member

    Now that's funny!!!! :fit:
  19. BDW

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    Hey Hooked Spurs.....I hear Under Armour has an "equine line" of skull caps.....They've even got cut-outs for the ears. I don't know why they wouldn't work on llamas. :shrug:
  20. 48 mph, horses, parachutes? It really doesnt matter. Public land = your holes and my holes. No racing needed. Everyone respect each other and we'll all have some of the best huntin in the country. But there are some folks that just have to think they are billy bob bada......