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Launched the boat and was happy to see only two boat trailers at the boat ramp. I'm thinking ok it's only two other guys and we should have plenty of room even though it is a very small wma. Pulled up on the bank where I wanted to go in to hunt and not another boat in sight. Looking good so far.

Withing 300 yards of my boat I saw 7 orange wearing hunters. I thought forget this. It is way to small to be this crowded with gun hunters. I would have felt ok if they were bowhunters but I did not feel ok with that many high powered rifles in that little area. I turned around and headed back to the boat. As I got the tie down straps on the boat and started the truck to head home the sun was just beginning to peek out. I really didn't expect that many hunters out on that little patch of public land. I figured there would be others but not as many as I saw.

If you happen to be out there hunting today and you happen to run across the battery door for a Magellan GPS I lost mine out there in the dark somewhere in that short walk. If anyone happens to have an old Magellan 600 series ( specifically a 610) that doesn't work and would like to part with the battery compartment door I'm looking for one now.

Good hunting and stay safe.
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