Basketball tonight!

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by ArkArcher, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. ArkArcher

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    So what do ya'll think about the game tonight? Might be tough is beverly doesn't play. I've heard on the radio that he will not play, and I've heard that he is sore, but will probably play. :smack:
  2. flintknapper

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    I've never dislocated a jaw before (!), so I can't relate to the recovery process there, but my feeling is he'll play. I'm just bummed out about no TV. I have tremendous respect for Mike Nail, but I'd rather watch than listen.

    I remember once the T.V. broadcast was having trouble, and the signal was about 1 or 2 seconds behind real time. That was enough delay so that Mike's radio announcing could actually keep up with the game on TV. :biggrin: They fixed it at half time, so from that point on Mikes calls were way behind the action on the screen--as usual. :frown:

    Wouldn't it be nice to be 3-0 in SEC play for the first time in forever? WPS!

  3. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah it would be nice! It would be the first time we started 3-0 in SEC since '98. :thumb:
  4. brushcreek

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    it would be nice if we took care of business against the bad teams in our conference, especially at home.

    Guys this was a terrible loss.
  5. hawgpharm

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    man that was a disappointing loss. sc was 0-2 in sec play and we need to take care of business against teams like that. downey is a good player.

    i watched the ole miss-florida game last night and ole miss has a good team. i am impressed with what that coach has done.
  6. Heard about the game on the 10:00 News. I watched that Comanche Moon serial on CBS and I am glad I did not have to suffer through listening to it on the radio. It was bad enough just to hear that we lost. You got to win at home and if you split the road games you pretty much assure your self an invite to the Big Dance. The Hogs are making it hard on them selves it appears.
  7. CP

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    Man it really sux when your three guards have these stats...

    Total Assists...8
    Total Points....5
    Total TO's.......9
  8. Gary R

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    Are ya'll talking about the LSU game? Sounds like our team. When the Hogs have a lead, and the opposing team scores a second half basket, I bet ya'lls radio announcer doesn't say that he sees it in their eyes that they just gave up. The game is over. When do the Tigers play the Hogs? Gonna be so ugly. We are gonna go O-for in the conference here on out. Good luck.
  9. I can't put my finger on why the inconsistent play but it's not the same kind of chemistry the Championship teams of yesteryear had. When those teams played there was no doubt in any body's mind they were going to win. With this team, you just hold your breath and wonder if they can hold onto the lead or if behind, can they make a run, get a lead and hold it. I think Pelphrey has done an excellent job of lighting a fire under the players but sometimes there is one (not the same one but a different player) that is still not on the same page, and that's the turnover that is killing us. I'm talking about some of the passes that look like a crippled duck that anybody could steal. The FT shooting is suspect at times also. I think from what I have seen so far is that this team will squeak into the big dance but will lose again in the first round. Hate to be negative this early in the season and I hope I am wrong but it's just that we have lost some games to teams that we should have won and not blinked an eye.JMHO