Barnett Quad 400

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  1. Going to sell my Crossbow. I bought it new this year and is in Great condition. I got 2 bucks with it this year. It has been shot around 15-20 time total. It has a scope with it and 3 arrows. Only selling because the guys on here have talked me into going with a compond next year. It is a super fast crossbow shootin 345 and is on the bullseye @ 35 yrds. I can post pics if interested. Still have the box.

    Features a composite stock, vented quad limb assembly coupled with the "Veloci-Speed" high energy cam system, a thumbhole grip, and a built in crank cocking device attachment (crank device is optional).

    Product Identifiers
    Brand Barnett Crossbows
    Model Quad 400 Crossbow Package with 4X32mm Scope

    Bow Type Crossbow
    IBO Speed 345 fps
    Draw Length 22 in
  2. Nuge Fan

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    good for you man! you won't regret it. If I were going to shoot a crossbow, this would be the one. Tons of performance and won't break the bank!

    be sure to post some pics of your new compound

  3. Arkie_3_fan

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    Man, if only you were closer! It would cost me $100 in gas to pick it up though.
  4. I can ship if you wanna pay half. I figure it'll be around $20.00 to ship. I still got the box.
  5. do u still have it??? if so where do u live?
  6. Yes, I still have it right now. I live in Pocahontas. It is located in Northeast Arkansas.
  7. BTW... I can ship to if you want to split cost. I figure it would be 15-20 to ship.
  8. OughtSix

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    Cost me $18 to ship a compound, if you take down the limbs and such, the crossbow should be around the same price.
  9. That is what I was thinking, somewhere around $20.00