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Barger or Mullins Feist

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I know this is a loaded question but I'm not asking which (in anybodys opinion) is a better dog, just curious how far they each range out. My gyp (Briar Creek bred) hunts out around 150-200yds and fast, she is getting a little older I would like a dog that would make a good fit with her range/speed.
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x2 I like both breeds but not sure which fits me better.
you cant hurt with either just ask jody or bill which dogs they have that range that far and go from there if you need phone numbers for either let me know i have them both
I have talked to Mr. Mullins, at the time (1wk ago) all he had was a male pup. I'll check back in with him later though, is Mr. Bargers # on his website?
So no bites huh? I was afraid it might be too loaded a question :wink:
No kidden.. I got excited when I first saw this post!!
Bill Barger is a good man give him a call he will tell you any thing to help you i got a dog from him
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