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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by green_head_getter, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. green_head_getter

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    Haven't hunted bald knob except for once with some buddies. Gonna go tomorrow but was wondering where the closest place to get the regulation pamplet would be. The little thing u have to have signed that states the rules
  2. At the booth there, you have to drive right past it...:thumb:

  3. Yes sir.. Right in front of the trailer on the left when you drive in..:up:
  4. greenhead smackdown

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    Have fun with that place. In all seriousness, it used to be really good up until about 8 years ago, then it became a war just to shoot a couple of shovelers. There was a couple of years back when, that a 6 man limit of mallards was a nothing but a thing.
  5. I agree smackdown!!! I used to enjoy myself out there in the late 90's, I hate it now!!! Wont even go there anymore!!!
  6. green_head_getter

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    It has it's goods and it's bads. Had a great hunt last year in the rain. Maybe 2 more groups of hunters. It was awesome. Beats huntin the cypress swamps around home
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    yep, seemed like in just a year or two people decided it was ok to just use the light you were holding as a guide to a good spot and not a sign to head somewhere else. I hate to say it but there were alot of out of state tags running around then too. That was around the time I just gave up on ducks and switched to rabbits.
    Little less glory but alot less crowded!:fit:
  8. I went from a pack of rabbit beagles to a lab!!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
  9. keeb

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    Hunted there a few times this year with mediocre success. Definitely a mixed bag of ducks. Got our 1st Redhead there. Everyone I talked to was nice there, had a few guys across the levee showing out skybusting everything that came by but that is part of it.
  10. green_head_getter

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    Is there any really low fields keeb? Those half dry fields tend to have fewer hunters and we had good success on em. Alot of those guys don't have full bodies and layouts ;)
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    We didn't hunt there this past weekend so I don't know if much water fell out, if any. There is some fields you can hunt; either the top levee or maybe walk out in field and lay up in some rice levee's. We just rode around until we found some water that would be good for the wind that day. I wouldn't hunt the fields off the main roads, too many hunters for me. I like the secluded areas myself and they are hard to find out there. Good luck
  13. Arkzr2

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    Be sure to lock your truck up tight.. A lot of vandalism in the parking lot the last few years.
  14. keeb

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    That's everywhere you go. Every vehicle got hit one morning we were hunting @ Black Swamp. I do put a padlock on my trailer though....just to keep the honest folks honest. If you have ramps, I suggest driving on top of them after you unload. Then the thieves would have to have a jack to steal them then. :up:
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    Dont carry more than 25 shells my groupe got a $175 reminder this weeked.
  17. green_head_getter

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    Y'all think it will b froze solid in the a.m.
  18. keeb

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    probly not froze solid, but there will be ice.
  19. green_head_getter

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    The creeks in central Arkansas are freezing over. I'm sure we could bust it but in all reality it prolly wouldn't be worth a crap