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Baja 25 outlaw

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O5 Baja 25ft outlaw 496 h.o 55 hrs 60,000.00 501-993-8303 Thanks
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Its almost summer. You married guys might not want this boat unless you want to be in divorce court.LOL
I can't afford that, but if ya want to sell it on here ya got to have PICS,PICS,PICS :biggrin:
Yeah, I wanna see some pics too. Don't get me wrong - I have no intentions of buying it. It just sounds like a pretty sweet rig!
Are you sure thats only 25ft. That thing looks like it is 40ft long. Sure lookes like alot of fun though. Wish I was loaded so I could afford it just to play with.
yep only 25ft is does look bigger thou 496 ho, custom stereo and only 55 hrs like new. Somebody needs to take this home it dosent get used to much at my house. It seems I am always doing something and dont have much time to go to the lake.
I have a 25hp 2004 Yamaha 4 stroke I will trade you for it?
I will take it in on
I don't know boone, you may hafta give him a couple grand to boot!
if i could aford the price i couldn't afford the gas!!nice boat maybe some of those hillbillies in the fayetteville shale who struck it rich like jed clampett can afford it!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts