Bad weather to be riding an airplane!

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by rdoliver, Dec 14, 2010.

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    I live in Great Britian and they are calling for another winter blast to hit this weekend. We had a big snowfall about 10 days ago of about 9 inches. The only good thing is I am flying back to Arkansas this weekend to be home for Christmas. I just hope and pray that there are no delays at London's Heathrow Airport on Friday December 17th. We land in Chicago and then catch a flight to Memphis on Friday. Just say a prayer for us that our trip to be with family and friends this Christmas be a safe one.
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    Prayers for a safe journey my friend!


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    Thanks for those who prayed.

    Thanks for those of you who prayed for my trip to go well. I believe in the power of prayer but a good trip was not for me this time. My plane was delayed at Heathrow for two hours for De Icing. Finally in the air and learned we would get to Chicago AFTER my connecting flight left. I forgot to exchange my British money for the American money before leaving London. Decide to do it at Chicago, only to find it closed by the time I got there. So here I am no money, missed connecting flight to Memphis, all I have is a British cell phone that does not work in the USA. I could not call my wife whose flight already departed for Memphis. We bought tickets on seperate paydays and could not get the same flight. American Airlines put me in a hotel for the night and gave me food vouchers and they changed my destination to Little Rock instead of Memphis at my request. Arrived in LR at 10 am this morning. Now I am nestled in a condo in the Hot Springs Village. Still cannot find a place that will exchange the currency because everything is closed for the weekend. I hope my trip back to the UK on the 27th will go a little bit Now I am with ALL of my kids and grandbabies in one house and having a ball!:clap:
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    Congrats...that's what it's all about!!!!!!!!!!