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Had 4 does in bowrange this morning feeding on acorns. I kept waiting to see if a buck would show and eventually decided to shoot a doe. Well, I hit a limb about as thick as a pencil about halfway between me and the deer and the arrow sailed high right over her back. Almost got another opportunity when they calmed down a bit, but it is hard to draw back undetected with 4 sets of eyes of deer on alert!:smack:
Anyway, I got out of the stand, in the truck, and headed into lunch at my grandma's house. As I was going out the gate on the main road I look across and out in front of our pond is a flock of 21 turkeys, all hens. I drove up the road, turned around, drove back and went back in the gate I just came out of and parked. What was there to lose huh?:biggrin: I dropped into the woodline along the field they were in and planned to circle ahead of them as they were feeding away from the pond up the hill about 30 yards out from the woods. I thought I should be past them and edged toward the field, but they had disappeared. I figured they must have made it over the hill. We have 2 hills that come together back there with a narrow little gulley running between them. I figured the birds must be over the top of the hill down in the gulley. So, I crawled to the top of the hill and got behind a clump of brush/weeds, and peeked over. Sure enough, they were feeding about 15-25 yards out. I ducked back down, knelt and drew my bow, then slowly rose up and settled the pin on the first bird I saw. At the shot they scattered in every direction and my bird was flopping on the ground!!!! Here is a pic...

That was a little redemption, but I'll try and redeem myself on a deer in the morning!!!:up:
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