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  1. I got myself a 45 caliber pistol to have as a back up weapon while hog hunting with the bow. Is this enough to take down a hog if he is charging? Honestly I want to take it with a bow but if things take a turn for the worst will it be enough to help out? :shrug:
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    it would do it, but I'd rec. a Glock 20 in 10mm. But 45 is totally fine

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    Just go with the raging bull to be on the safe side! I don't think theres any question of it doing to job or not....whether youre talking about killing the hog or breaking your wrist :thumb:
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    I have never heard of a hog charging unless he is cornered. But yes, a .45 is more than enough for any mammal in Arkansas. A .45 also works great on Crack/Meth Heads, Gang Bangers, Rapist, and anyone stupid enough to break into your house! :up:
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    NE Ark
    How 'bout Bigfoot?? :head:
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    Only with multiple shots to the head. A 500 S&W would be ideal for that situation.
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    Just make sure you are using a RAGE broadhead and you will not need a back up weapon.:up:

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    I heard that! then after you get the hog you can go shoot teradactals (or however you spell it)
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    I have shot pigs at 5 yards from the ground while stalking, I have shot momma's with babies, I have shot boars with their nose up a sows backside all from the ground with a bow and never, never had a pig charge me. I did head shoot one with a .22 mag and took off after its friend. When I came back he was gone and when I found him he turned around and came towards me but was moving rather slow, another pill to the head put him down. I have heard Russian pigs are different and will charge but our old woodland pigs where I hunt will r-u-n-n-o-f-t as Delmar would say. Stick a pistol back and if you have to track in a thicket take it out.
  11. As far as whether they'll charge or not, i know two people personally that have been charged in the past couple years in Texas. One picked up a log and started to club it as he could hear it snapping his tusks at his heels, and the other guy did the smart thing and shot the one charging him in the head. I dont doubt that they'll charge, and i think a .45 would do the job as a backup.

    edit: im pretty sure the guy who used the club was using a bow and diddnt have his pistol, i never really asked why he diddnt shoot it. or i dont remember at least. :p
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    If I ever go hog hunting (and I want to) I'll pack a 4" mod. 29 S&W as back up. Dirty Harry was right! :biggrin:
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    I had a bore hog run 20 yards across an open pasture at me. I rolled him over with an 870 slug gun. He was after my domestic sow in heat. He was 352# gutted. He tried for 3 days at night to bust that pen open. I used telephone poles for the posts and around the bottom with Chain link double fence stapled to the posts.
  14. a pig may break and run and you be in his way, but never seen one actualy charge a person
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    I have heard the same about Russian Boars. I really don't hog hunt but I shoot them when I can and eat them. I always carry a revolver(357mag) or my youth model 20gauge loaded with alternating slugs and 00 buck when I hunt.