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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by woodsnwater, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Some suggested a change in scenery. You were right. If you were not bowhunting ( like me ), should have been. I did some scout and at a random spot and it was the BOMB.. I parked close to a food plot and just took off. I was maybe 300 yards from my truck walking down a trail and see 10 does, it was 2:30. They winded me and ran back to the east. I continued to walk came to a field so want to go back to food plot and went back north. As I was walking I seen some fresh rubs. I proceed to walk along the rubs until I got to a cedar thicket. I looked up and about 4 or 5 does looking at me. They blew and went off. I took 5 more steps and seen 2 more deer. I squatted down to watch. It was 2 bucks in the 130 or 140 class:hair:. They were just walking following the does. Man, my heart went to pumping. I marked with a orange flag and GPS. I waited about 15 minutes before going further. I came upon another walking trail and proceed going west. Some how I wound up on the other side of swamp and could not get across. I walked my arse off and sat down to rest and saw 1 doe walking with 2 other bucks following ( smaller ones). I finally made it to the road before dark. As I was driving I saw another doe cross the road with a little basket rack 6pt trailing her. Man, what an adventure. I am so pumped now.:thumb:
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    Glad to hear it. Good Luck!!

  3. I did a little scouting this afternoon as well. I did not have the success that you had. But I did find a lot of fresh tracks and a bedding area. Walked a little further and found a 3ft wide beaver dam they are using to get across a pond that is REALLY grown up on the back side. There is a lot of places on our land that I have never walked before. I think I found a great spot. After I take my oldest to school tomorrow I am going to get the climber and go sit out there. I hope it works out.
    Sounds like you found a GREAT spot. Good luck. Don't forget to post some pics of the one you take.
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    Its amazing how seeing a few deer and going somewhere new will raise your spirits.:thumb: I hope you get 'em!
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    I may not score on one, but the fact I decided to move to another spot. I am a very persistent hunter and stick to one spot with signs. It was I am not seeing anything. I went against my norm and found another spot. I was amazed no one was out. Not a vehicle in sight. I just found another spot. Gives me another edge.
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    I need to do more of that. When I started bow hunting, I hunted public land and was constantly moving and looking for new spots. Now, I've gotten lazy. I see one good buck and overhunt the same stand. You've convinced me to get out and find a new spot.
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    Well, it's not that I am lazy. I see something i go for it. It sometimes do what you got to do. Moving on is out of my norm. I hunt public places. I got 4 public areas within a 20 mile range.:thumb:
  8. Agreed. I'm spending the rest of this season, scouting 50% of the time and actually in a tree 50% of the time. It is amazing what you can see and learn, when you get out of that tree and do a little extra walking. :smack:
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    I know the area you are in woodsnwater. Iv known n seen a few people hunt that area. Good luck. Let me no what ya get.
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    I am still hunting but I too did some scouting this weekend in the wind and cold. Found a good spot had a deer trail that looked like cattle hd been using it. Jump;ed 3 does out of there. went back the next day and hung afeeder.
    Access is very easy also, about 5 mins from house and walk in is couple hundrd yards down a farm road and then across a small beaver dam. hunting right alongside a creek in a thick grown up area