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  1. Sylamore

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    I have ordered some Hornady 30 cal bullets and they have been on back order from Cabela's for over 60 days. So I sent them an e-mail and ask what the status was on my order. Now they tell me they will be on "Back Order" until December 26th. What's up with Hornady and Cabela's?
    I am not hurting for hunting ammo, but I like to do some extra shooting to stay ready for the shot that counts. Anybody else having trouble getting reloading supplies? :thumb:
  2. Retooferab

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    I use grafs, midwayusa, Natchez shooters supply, and Mid South Shooters and I've gotten everything that I wanted so far.

  3. r6487

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    take a look at and see if the grain weight you want is in stock. at least they have a column showing in stock or out.
  4. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    This time of the year the popular bullets are harder to come by. I have a few boxes of Hornady .308's on the shelf is I can help out and have what you need.
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    Obama did it :biggrin:
  6. buckhorn

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    Winchester brass for a 7mm-08 is on backorder from 2 different place until February. I bought a couple of hundred RP the other day instead.
  7. Sylamore

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    I am trying to use up accumulated points from Cabela's. That is the reason I did not go to other business sources. I probably have enough to get by this hunting season. I got into a bottom drawer and found a box that had 55, .308 bullets in it. I'll get them loaded. If not I'll go to my .35 Rem.

    Thanks for the offers to help.

    Sort of has me wondering why Cabela's is unable to retail Hornady Bullets during the prime season and a three month wait during the hunting/shooting season. I ask this question to one of Cabela's sales rep on the phone and sort of got a lame duck reply. :thumb:
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  8. Ekspurt

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    This is why I bought 1,000 7mm bullets last year. When I get down to around 500 it's time to buy another 1,000.
  9. varmit_master

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    Buckhorn I seen federal win rem all once fired last week for 22.00 a 100. I order some 243 87 v max from hornaday for almost 2 months. They said by mid Dec. And they will be shipped.
  10. WillyB71

    WillyB71 Well-Known Member also tells you whether their reloading components are in stock or on back order before you place the order. also does this, but Midsouth usually has better prices.
  11. buckhorn

    buckhorn Well-Known Member

    Where did you see them? Thanks,
  12. You may wish to check these folks, in the link below.
    See "Rifle Bullets", then "Hornady"
    Their AMAX bullets are very good IMHO, in both 168 and 178 gr. :cool:

    HTH a bit,
  13. varmit_master

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    Buckhorn it was I looked and it was gone.