Awesome Afternoon at Big Ditch

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Greenhead Jed, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Greenhead Jed

    Greenhead Jed Active Member

    J Adams, Qrackmast, and Hambone,

    Can't believe how great this afternoons hunt was. It was real nice of AC to take all of us. That's as good as I've ever seen timber in the afternoon. Seven limits of mallards in about an hour and twenty minutes. Anyone else crushing them in the timber in that area in the afternoon? Hear the mornings down there have been slow lately.
  2. Hambone

    Hambone Well-Known Member

    Good ole Compton. Can't wait to do it tomorrow!!! I just can't believe nobody else down there is doing the same thing. They killed 2 at Lonoke Club this morning and 15 at Bull Sprig. The afternoons are where it's at!!!!

    That ice eater they bought is gonna come in handy on Monday and Tuesday. I'm glad they finally got some water!!!

  3. quackmaster

    quackmaster Well-Known Member

    C'mon, get my handle right.

    Yes. That was stupid silly. I've never killed ducks like that in the timber before in the afternoon. Apparantly Adams doesn't get to see too many mallards on the sandbar.

    I still can't believe you ran over a deer with the boat. We got Hambone back from the after hours clinic in Rose City. He's gonna be fine. I told him that dang thing wasn't dead when he tried to pull her over the side. Perfect hoof mark and a 3" gash on his cheak. 19 stitches.
  4. Greenhead Jed

    Greenhead Jed Active Member

    Recon he would mind me taking a couple three folks? Wouldn't have mattered today!
  5. Hambone

    Hambone Well-Known Member

    How come none of those other guys down there hunt in the afternoon?? Seriously that's just stupid with the amount of ducks down there right now after 1 p.m.
  6. quack-n-stack

    quack-n-stack Well-Known Member

    ok yes ive been killing limits of snows and specks every afternoon at bayou meto! They love the timber in the afternoons! I've always heard about how crowded it is but i havent seen anyone yet? get there about 2pm and hunt till 6pm
  7. Hambone

    Hambone Well-Known Member

    Quack the Big Ditch we are referring to is the private section of woods between 165 and 79. This afternoon looked something like this. No Snows or Specks involved a least not today.
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  8. CutDown

    CutDown Well-Known Member

    Ducks so thick greentops been flyin into trucks....So I hear....

  9. quack-n-stack

    quack-n-stack Well-Known Member

    Sorry hambone i thought we had a little joking goin on! I've never hunted bm either I'm a private guy myself! Looks like a good hunt though!
  10. quack-n-stack

    quack-n-stack Well-Known Member

    Although I am open to trying big ditch now if you need an exta hand!!! LOL:biggrin:
  11. Hambone

    Hambone Well-Known Member

    Thats a fact!!
  12. birdman24

    birdman24 Well-Known Member

    They never heard you comin cuz you were rollin in that Bad Boy Buggie..