Avery's Killer Weed *

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  1. I have 25 LB's of Averys Killer Weed for sale. Price is $200 for all 25 LB's of it. Theyre are 5 pounds of 5 colors, Colors are Mud Brown, Timber Brown, Field Green, Timber Green and Winter Wheat. I will not sell by the pound or seperate...Its all 25 pounds for the purchaser.

    Sorry, I am not interested in any trades for this one and I thank everyone for looking. Item is located in Sherwood, Arkansas and is for sale locally here as well. Thank you.
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    can you smoke it? asking for a friend

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    Avery's Killer Weed

    That's a great price for killer weed.
  4. I probably wouldnt recommend it. Lol
  5. Come on guys...I know there is alot of duck hunters out there who like to use this stuff and this is a good price....Ill drop the price to $175 for all 25 pounds.
  6. Price drop to $150 for all of the Avery Outdoors Killer Weed. i need it gone....Anybody?
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    best price I have found is $60 for a 5lb bundle. If I needed it, I would jump on that. That's enough to "brush" a boat blind up 5 times, or about 12 layout blinds.
  8. This to Ducks and Dogs,

    If your still interested in the Killer weed, just call or text me. 501-259-0312. My PM is not working right for some reason.
  9. Cobraron,

    PM answered but will not go through until you clear out some space. Says your over your limit or something similar to that. You can call or text me if you prefer. 501-259-0312
  10. Avery Outdoors Killer Weed Raffia Grass

    I have 25 pounds of Avery Outdoors Killer Weed raffia grass for sale. I started building a boat blind with about a 1/3 of it but was not able to finish it and i am about to move so i don't need it laying around or the hassle of moving it.

    Colors are Mud Brown, Timber Brown, Winter Wheat, Timber Green and Field Green. $150 for all of it OBO....This stuff is $60 for 5 pounds of it in the stores so im sure some one can use this stuff. Item is Located in Sherwood.
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    Is this Avery or the raffia brand