ATV Tires Needed

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by kfarm, Dec 20, 2010.

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    While in the woods Saturday filling out my tags I ran over something poking a hole in a rear tire and ruining it. At the time I was 2 miles away from camp with 2 big doe's on the back as well as my blind and other stuff. It was a heck of time getting back to camp.

    So, I need 2 rear tires 25-10-12 for my Suzuki Eiger. Surly some one has taken off the OEM's and has them laying around for something better. I would really prefer to find some close around the Little Rock area.
    Thanks Carroll
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    Cabot Tire and Offroad has used fourwheeler tires ask for Nick
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    Thanks for the info but I'd rather keep it closer to home with the cost of fuel it would cost me $100 just to go get them.
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    Dang that thing is a gas hog
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    You can get blemish super swamper tires for 20.00 bucks a piece new Berliner to your door!
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    Well may be not $100 but it takes me $60 to go to camp below Gurdon and back. Cabot would only be $40 I guess. I'll check out
  8. I have a factory set of tires off of a polaris 2009 polaris rzr. If I sell them it would be the whole set. I would like 150 for them. If you are interested PM me.
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    That web site took me to a management consulting web site:head:
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  11. google it and choose the that has Super Swampers in the description. lol.
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    Thanks guys I got it fixed and since got a set put on. Sorry I didn't close out the thread.