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Atv spreader and sprayer

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Looking for a sead/fertilizer spreader and a boomless chemical sprayer for an atv.
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go to Moultrie's Web site.............I bought a Seeder/spreader there a few years ago, it's re-conditioned and has a 1 year warranty.for a lot less than what I could have bought it new...I think I paid around $100, w/'s the kind that fits on the rear rack of a 4 great:up:
Thanks Handgunner will check it out.
SIL bought a 15 gal sprayer for his atv at Tractor Supply last week for $69, works great, he's been spray'n poison ivy around their building site with it. It came with the tank, hose, spray wand and electric hook up for the 4 wheeler.
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