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  1. sparkie

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    Hard to stop a Honda if you don't tear it up. I have a 92 Honda fourtrax that still runs like it should. Just kept it around for the grand kids. But they would never wont to ride it. When I bought it it was for my use in hunting.

    One thing hard on the 4 wheelers is to just let them set up.
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  2. Punkinseed

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    Se ark
    Just dropped off $1000 worth of parts at my mechanic for my 2016 Polaris ranger
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  3. schaps72

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    I’ve heard Honda isn’t the machine they used to be, but what is. I’ve owned 3 300 fourtax and had minimal issues with them. I had a 88 300 that my uncle bought new. If it had charge in the battery and fuel it would start no matter what. But it finally got to the point of no repair last year. After my boy hit that deer and the trans locked up it wasn’t worth fixing. Nothing rides like a 300 Honda. I still see nice 300’s on market place daily and really want another one. Now we have a older Big Bear and just picked up a 2020 Sportsman so we’ll see how it does. Hopefully I’ll luck into a deal on a 300.
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  4. Allenn

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    what happen?
  5. sparkie

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    You can get a replacement seat.
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    It’s a Polaris. That’s probably the price for parts for an oil change
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  7. Punkinseed

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    Se ark
    Wore out. Axle, tie rods, drive shaft, boots, radiator hoses...
  8. John Stiles

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    Or another roll of ductape!
  9. Buckrub

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    "ATV Reliability and Long Life" = "My ATV will barely pull itself out of the yard, so I don't really go into hard places with it, and boy does it last a long time".

    :D :D :D :D
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    My buddy has a 69 Honda trail 90 that his family bought new. Still in good shape.
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    Almost any item if worked within its abilities will last a while-
    95 yamaha Big bear 350 4X4 :
    Moves my increda-bulk around the lease
    Feed for the goats and chickens
    Drives the fences and carries my ATV Sprayer
    I dont race it or tow my flatbed full of hay, or bury it to the handle bars in mud, wasn't designed for that.

    New seat cover last year, this year carburator started sticking so going through rebuild

    Read stories of 2-3 year old systems needing major repairs and wonder what did someone do to the machine to make that happen.

    My ramblings

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  12. buck720

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    I think most atv’s would last forever if people didn't try to use them as boats & tanks and use them what they are made for. Also change the oil and filters every year or sooner depending on hours or miles instead of waiting until the oil is black. Another thing use ethanol free gas all of the time.
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