ATU Head Coach Job

Discussion in 'Sports' started by y hunt, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. y hunt

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    Any of you Arkansas Tech Grads out there I would sure like your support.
    My cousin Kurt Corbin is willing and would like the job. He played football for Tech and has been coaching collage ball for several years in ARK, LA, TN, and TX. He is what the Wonder Boys need. Many LA and TX contacts for good recruits. If you know or would like to help here are the people on the search committe.
    Coach Mullins, DR DeBlack, Kristi Bayer, Josh Price, John Whiteside
    I can provide e-mail if you would like to contact any of them.
  2. Juice

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    What years did he play for ATU? Did he play for Mullins?

  3. y hunt

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    1997-2000 Played defensive end.