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  1. Reddawg01

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    It's time for me to lose some weight. I;ve been on a low/no carb diet for 5 days. Any experience with this? Have given up bread, potatos, pasta, rice, and beer. ((Have put tequila and flavored water in place of beer))Eating alot of meat, eggs, and veggies. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Do a little research on Ketones in the urine and ask your doctor about it.

    A strict Dr. Atkins will flat take the weight off but when you start adding back the carbs you have to be real careful else it will all come back and then some.

  3. wrecker19

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    The majority of successful dieters that I have witnessed have all spoken highly of water, water, water...and more water. I have watched them eat for most part what they want but they always have a jug of water wherever they go. And of course the part that most people may not want to hear is exercise. Good luck!!
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    I lost a lot of weight on the atkins diet. Like mentioned before as soon as you stop it doesnt take long for the weight to pile back on, most of the time even more than you lost. I knew i was ready for a change so i just started it to get an initial loss, after i stopped i ate healthy and exercised and have kept it off every since.
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    I lost 30 pounds with Atkins back in 2002. By 2004 I gained the 30 pounds back plus another 10 pounds. Then in 2005 I lost the 40 pounds by doing a very low fat diet. I gained the 40 pounds back by 2007.
    Im still 40 pounds overweight. Well maybe 50. :biggrin:

    I thought about trying Nutrisystem, and then I researched it and found out I could do the same thing by eating Lean Cuisines, and Healthy Choice dinners and controlling my portions. Ive lost 4 pounds since Jan 1.

    Atkins is hard to stay on for very long.
  6. .375H&H

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    Adkins for me = kidney stones. Drink water (a gallon a day) and walk a mile or two a day and just keep your caloric intake around 1500 calories (good calories). You will drop it quick. Oh and stay away from ALL alchohol.
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    Atkins diet is nearly impossible not exactly a healthy long term solution. You get great results but your body NEEDS carbs and craves carbs. IMO, the South Beach diet is a better alternative. You start out with zero carbs to get an initial "cleanse" but after that you start adding complex carbs.

    You will especially need the carbs if you are incorporating a workout routine to refuel your body stores to provide your workout energy.

    Stick with complex carbs and treat simple carbs like the plague. Go ahead and eat pasta, bread, and rice but eat Whole Wheat only and brown rice. Beans are also a good choice- practically a perfect food (complex carbs, high fiber, vitamins, good fat, and protein.)

    Get as much fiber intake as possible with each meal as this will keep your insulin levels in check.

    Eat protein at EVERY meal. Eggs, eggs, and more eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, lean pork and beef. Snack on string cheese, almonds, cold cuts, fruit, and dark chocolate.

    This should be a good start!:biggrin:
  8. Poppa Clay

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    Atkins works

    The atkins diet is great and if followed like it is supposed to will keep the weight off as well as providing all of the nutrition that you need.
    I have done it and it works. The main thing in any diet it that you ahve to commit to a lifestyle change. If you don't then you just blow right back up again.
    Check out the atkins website and follow program like it says.
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    google a diet called the mayo clinic diet. this diet is not endorsed by the mayo clinic, but my cardiologist suggested it to me. it is based on cutting carbs and eating grapefruit/grapefruit juice, vegetables/salads, and meats. i follow this close but not exactly and continue to lose weight. i am not able to exercise, so adding exercise with this diet would greatly increase weight loss. eating the right foods is the key to losing weight no matter the diet. cut out the deep fried, fast foods and sweets. my dietician told me that by just by using artificial sweeteners in stead of sugar in my tea could result in a half pound a week.