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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by bullrider, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. bullrider

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    I imagine there is some happy boat repair shops from the 5 swamped boats at lower this morning... What tards!!! Why would you jeopardize your safety and others and not to mention the cost of fixin your boat! And before one of y'all say well you don't have to get in it... We wasnt! Might I mind you boats doesn't have brakes. I guess it's going to take some one to get severely hurt or killed, before something is done about it. Crying shame!

  2. BDW

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    I wouldn't take part in that moron-infested goat rope if I knew I could shoot a limit of ducks every day of the season. Nothing I hear about that place surprises me anymore.
  3. getemshug

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    Why don't you go ahead and tell what happened instead of being vague. This is how stories about "the race" get started. I've already sent several texts to people asking what happened. By tomorrow, 5 people will have been taken to the hospital for serious injuries...... Swamped boats to me implies they need water bailed out, not necesarrily major repairs, but maybe that's just me.
  4. shiftymcfive01

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    I was killed at lower this morning. I'm sending this from heaven, they have wifi here. some jack leg swamped us and I drowned from the water in the bottom if the boat. guess I shouldn't have been passed out drunk from the night before.
  5. tmeredith

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  6. bullrider

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    Number 3,4,5 and couple after that was completely swamped motor under water. which caused every thing to come to a schreeching halt, right in the gate which caused a chain reaction to the hundred people behind it. Causing people to run up on the levee and dart off thru the woods. To keep from running up into the swamped non moving boats right in the middle of the channel... Is that clear enough for you Jr.
  7. Razorback123

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    one of my buddies was one of the boats involved. He was the second boat behind a mud buddy. The race took off and he was behind the mud motor and he was about to pass that boat when another boat tried to squeeze in between him and another boat when that boat hit that boats waves and then that jackwagon t boned another boat and then ended up on top of my buddies boat which made them end up on the levy which is when they swamped due to all the boat waves coming into the back of the boats. it was the guy who tried to pass my buddy that caused the whole thing. even when they were trying to get all the water outta their boats the guy still didnt see where he was at fault.
  8. TimberTalker

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    Just another rule the AGFC has put into place that is causing more danger than good.
  9. Arki

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    So we can wake in BM now?...... I'm on my way!
  10. getemshug

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    No sir. A little better, but still no clue how the swamping happened. Appreciate your efforts. The yellow gate or the water control structure? i would assume water control structure, but you know what happens when you assume..... Hundred boats or folks? That's a lot of people.....
  11. getemshug

    getemshug Well-Known Member

    Now this is a bit better. Thanks for letting us know what happened. We are digging a grave fellas. Get ready.
  12. Razorback123

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    yep i think that if the 4 am rule wasnt in place alot of ignorance that occurs now wouldnt. I mean i have a fast motor and boat but i do not do the whole race thing. i just wait until it leaves and then fall in behind it. And they werent right past the gate they were further down the ditch than that when that happened. If the jackwagon wouldnt of tried and pass my friend and the other boat when there obviously wasnt room for him the whole thing wouldnt of happened.
  13. TimberTalker

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    Get ready for more regulations to enforce the regs that are already in place. That is how the AGFC operates, micromanaging at its finest.
  14. shotgun wg

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    As much as I think I would like to hunt this mythical place just once. There is no way a duck is worth what crap goes on up there.
  15. Toast

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    Is walking in just out of the question anymore? When the water is available of course
  16. Roach437

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    A mud motor was in front of the line???? That is crazy.
  17. VALES

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    If all that crap keeps guys are gonna end up drawing for permit hunts each day and it's really gonna suck when out of stater's are in diect competition in your own back yard..that just sounds terrible this year with all the idiots out there.
  18. bullrider

    bullrider Well-Known Member

    Glade you can finally comprehend something!!! Proud for ya...