Arkansas will not ever have great deer hunting

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by nickl, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. nickl

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    As long as ark keeps the same gun deer seasons we will not ever have what we could have.Most ark hunters that has not hunted the northern states dont know how good ark could be .With a little season changes it could be so munch better.arkansas game and fish just wants to take care of the duck and turkeys. (deleted)
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  2. Gutshooter

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    You know, they are interviewing for the Commissioner's position right now. Wonder how many of these folks whinning about the sorry job they are doing, are applying for this position?


    TUBBYONE Well-Known Member

    What do you think needs to change?
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  4. Guitarzan

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    It's great now! The woods are just full of tasty does and button bucks! :up:
  5. dirtdart

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    I think we can agree that there are some problems but I'm not sure if it has anything to do with regulations and management practices.

    I feel that it's more of a problem with un-ethical behavior of so-called hunters. Outlaws that harvest far more deer than they are lawfully allowed, night hunters, and other game law violators have more than just a significant impact.

    I live in an area that could have bucks that would rival any whitetail in North America if it weren't for poachers and like criminals. The Black River bottoms, White River bottoms, and lower Arkansas bottoms have the crops and cover to produce some of the largest in the USA. Most of us have become more aware of land stewardship that will allow the whitetail all that he needs to grow to his full potential.

    I invest in food supplements, food plots, and manage whitetail cover on my place but what more can I do. There have been over ten deer that I have on film that won't be there next year because of outlaws. These were nice year and a half old bucks that had some great potential.

    We need to manage the outlaws with the vigor that we manage our game and we'll get better.
  6. 4hunting

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    Well if that is the case then as far as game management they have completely bombed out. Duck hunting is all but gone for the average man, just about to the point where we will not even have a turkey season in Arkansas, and I will agree, if they wait like they have on these to address the issues, deer hunting will be lumped right in there with them.

    The G&F is only worried about managing for 1 animial now days & that is the Bald Eagle found on the dollar bill! Failure is for sure when you look at doing something that has a Biological basis & the first 7/8th's of the info you look at to make the decission is a Financial spread sheet and the impute you listen to comes from people who stand to profit from the decissions made!
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  7. scarhead26

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    Arkansas has comes a long :censored: ways from 15 years ago. Our deer won't ever have what northern deer have because we don't have their cornfeilds. We have mountains with acorns and undergrowth that deer munch on here and that tends to keep our deer herd in shape. The majority of the B&C bucks killed in Ar are in flatlands. But even the mountains are starting to produce more Big Bucks now. I think another ten years we will really produce some good ones.
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  8. Hog_54

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    Until we change some season dates and quit putting gun season when Rut starts you can forget having big bucks if that's what you want. Our turkey hunting is terrible but other states that border seem to thrive. Season dates are too long and we need to take more doe. You don't shoot your best bull.
  9. jhw

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    You got that right!
  10. Wes Ramsey

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    Why would we want what other states have? I'm pretty happy with deer hunting in general. I'd sure be happy if they tweaked a couple of rules so hunting was more convenient for me, but it's just fine in the grand scheme.
  11. Hog_54

    Hog_54 Well-Known Member

    Mo., Ka, Miss, OK , TX, all have better deer hunting they seem to be doing something right. Bigger Deer
  12. Tony Harris

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    Well lets see TX has most of their big deer behind gates or at least in large privately held tracts that charge you to hunt at a goodly fee so we can throw that one completely out, plus they have a LOOONNNGGG season and late and in the rut, that arguement is null. KS has a short gun season and large tracts of privately held land that restricts access and charges more for one hunt than most lease memberships here cost so that state is out of the mix as well. OK has a pretty good amount of firearms hunting but again the best is on pay to play ground.

    I guess what I am getting at is most of the 'lets move gun season' guys fit into a catagory that pretty much is as follows:

    Bow hunters, trophy hunters (more interested in how large the antlers are than anything else), have traveled north to deer hunt with a bow and do not want to make the drive anymore or spend the money to do so, would rather everyone else sacrifice so they can have it better...and they use the excuse 'its for the betterment of the herd' quite often. Did I leave anything out? :fit:
  13. bowtime

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    As far as turkey's go,If they are concerned I would hate to see them not care cause in our part of the state it aint worth getting out of bed for.As far as the deer hunting goes (and I am not bashing gun hunting cause Lord know I have shot my share of em with a rifle,I strickly bowhunt now but that is my choice.) I would love to see em at least move the season for a couple of years to let more of the bucks get thru the rut alive.And yes I would be bowhunting at this time but again this is my choice of weapon..Just my 2-cents...
  14. OughtSix

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    We have more public land than anyone around us...if this 'public land' was turned private, we would all see bigger deer yes, BUT, alot of us wouldn't have a place to hunt without dishing out money to hunt the private land.

    I personally would rather have a bunch of small deer than alot of big deer I can't hunt without paying even more money.
  15. arcountryboy

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    Everything is good cept the bow hunters part, I bow hunt only and I am quite content with the way things are, I have seen 2 HUGE deer taken in my area by youngsters this year and this area is not known for huge bucks. Besides, I couldnt afford to hunt in a state with fees like KS!
  16. Tony Harris

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    I bow hunt too ARCB and could not imagine not being able to but these visions of grandur...:smack:
  17. y hunt

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    Blah Blah Blah

    Some people do not know just how good they have it. In Arkansas you can hunt all game for $25.00. We have deer, turkey, and bear under one license. If you have a relative from out of state they can hunt all game for $300. They can hunt three days for $100. They can buy the tag over the counter not a draw. Your child can hunt for free till 16.
    Arkansas has lots of big deer killed every year. You only see the big deer from these other states. Do you think hunters don't shoot small deer in these states? Visit some other states hunting sites and see for yourself. In MO you can kill three bucks a year and they still have big deer.
    You can stop shooting bucks tomorrow in parts of Arkansas and you might still never grow a B&C buck. Poor soil and mineral areas will never produce numbers of big bucks.
    As for cutting seasons most hunters can only hunt weekends. Why do people want to take away hunters time in the field. Cut the seasons and just see how many people take vacation and flock to the woods at one time. You think opening morning is bad.
  18. stealthycat

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    look only to the states that have excellent big deer hunting and how they do it to find your templates

    1 week gun season
    shotgun not rifle maybe?
    1 buck any buck rules
    modern gun only after peak rut has ended

    those are some consitancies I've noticed
  19. they'll never have good deer? There are GREAT deer killed every single year.
    it has nothing to do w/ game and fish or the seasons...It has everything to do w/ not letting bucks reach their potential. Some bucks manage to slip through the cracks and go unseen allowing themselves to reach 5 1/2 or older...The potential is there, just need to stop shooting 12,000 fawn bucks, yearling bucks, 2 1/2 year old bucks. the problem lies w/in what we choose to shoot or kill, or to touch on another recently popular subject, wound/lose. If Arkansas didn't have the potential, there'd be no big buck classic. So saying Arkansas will never........just isn't true.

    when you point your finger at someone, remember that there are 3 fingers pointing back at yourself.
  20. Which arkansas do you live in? hell a big portion of arkansas has SOYBEANS, CORN, RICE, MILO, AND MANY OTHER FINE GRAINS. bucks are commonly over 200lbs, i will repeat, commonly over 200lbs. biggest issue is the gun season running for so long, if they want to run it so late, take some off the front of it. well i take that back, it is to long in some zones. some need a long one. some dont. until some of the mts loose 10 acre tracks of land, like 90 million there seem to be, there will never be lots of big bucks. but it could be better. you get 80 acre square, divided into 15 plots with 15 owners, a buck really has no chance. esp during gun season. that a big issue in other regions to, not same thing but different scenarios. guy with 80 acres doesnt think he can let deer go because someone else will shoot them, in reality he has 4 guys on his border that a total of 4,000 acres letting deer go. he hears shots but they are shooting does, he thinks its bucks, so he hammers bucks. then he ends up being the thorn in the side of a program.

    biggest thing. you shouldnt have the change regualations if people had any sense.