Arkansas suspends Marshawn Powell

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by possum, Dec 29, 2010.

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  2. D33RHUNT3R

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    Whats with "Arkansas suspends"... dont they mean "Pelphey" ?

  3. n2deer

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  4. Hog_54

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    We have an Nutt for a coach, no such if he suspended the right person, Arkansas basketball is in the pits feel sorry for kids who have to play for this NUTT
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    Hog, is your real name tim from Little Rock?
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  7. ArkArcher

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    Kind of sounds like a class work problem or something. It doesn't really sound like it's a law problem or anything they way its worded. Who knows though.
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  9. oldnwahunter

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    He just don't like to practice. won't put much effort into it and coach is just trying to get his attention where it needs to be.
  10. flintknapper

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    Wasn't he involved in a minor car accident over the break, somewhere on the East coast?

    Pel issued a statement just before the game last night. Something to the effect of "he's suspended until he decides he wants to be part of the team," or some such.

    Sounds like an attitude adjustment to me. I like Pelphrey, he don't put up with 'em and he lays down the law.
  11. Juice

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    Sounds like a lazy kid is getting his attitude adjusted. He hasn't acted like a team player from what I've watched this year. He should be a leader, a preseason all SEC pick should be mature. Pelphrey knows a bit more about what's going on with the program than any of us and any "Tim's" who are experts 3 hours away. Sounds like he's expecting more out of Powell than what he's been giving.

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    time for pel. to go. , he will never make anything happen at arkansas
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    I like pel he don't take no crap. He is getting kids in there that probly have little home training. Then trying to make responsible men out of them. At the same time he has to win games with kids that think there superstars. I bet when Bobby knight started his career folks hated him too. Heck they still do. The thing is tho if u wanted to play ball for him u did it his way. He has won lots of games since because the kids came knowing this. Let pel do his thing and maybe he will do the same. Atleast if the kids blow a knee they will have some education and maybe a better idea of how to work with someone else.
  15. Hog_54

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    Pel can't coach he has suspended 16 players since he's been here, time for his :censored: to hit the road. Clarke and Powell suspended this year already. He's on course to Break NUTT string. what a joke of a coach
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    Yes he's getting it done 3-21 road record in SEC :head::head::head:
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    Don't expect him to go. His contract states the U of A can't buy him out and the Razorback Foundation don't have a lot of money.
  18. possum

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    This is his fourth year, so he really does need his team to show some improvements.
  19. Hog_54

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    Your sure of that?????