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Discussion in 'Fishing' started by medic22180, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I have spent the past 2 days on the river and have flat wore the bass out. The best part is they are all pretty darn good size fish. I live to hunt, but can't bring myself to go when it is 75 so I have the Champion out and going on the river. I would hit the river guys if you have time. It is unbelievable right now.
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    This! Those of us unfortunate enough to have to be at work must live vicariously through you and that really requires pictures.
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    All blacks and I can't the dang pics to load on my phone. Ill try on the computer tonight.
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    What are you catching them on?
  7. are you the one I have been seeing up river from the Murray Lock? There has been a Champion boat out there the last couple days. I have just seen it passing by. Just wondering.
  8. They been tearing them up at Toad Suck too. A guy's been down there almost every day for the past 3 weeks that I know of. He's been tearing up some BIG catfish. Last monday I got there as he was leaving, saw this guy carry out a stringer of cats that was probably heavier than I am. Stripers, Hybrids, and Whites are also on fire. Pretty much a fish on every cast, and really didn't matter what bait. Spoons work. Jigs work. Minnows are working. Small spinners as well. I've just about gotten tired of catching the dern things....those and the spotted bass both. Got a Yellow today and a couple stripers that were about 16" and 14", on lunch. Also a couple guys right in front of the dam getting a few Sauger.
  9. yeah, I have watched that guy catch some pretty big cats. Using the bino's here at work
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    If the river will keep producing the tons and tons of shad it did this year we could really be in for some hawgs in the future. Everywhere we have fished on the river this year was just schools and schools of baitfish. I talked to a guy on the water this weekend who said they had been catching some 6-7 pounders and where we were those have been nearly non existent for the past few years. Of course this seemed like one of "those guys" who just like talking and could be full of crap. I have just been crappie fishing so i might have to start chunking jigs again.
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    Hey CE that is probably me if it is a blue and gray Champion. I'm about to head out again now. I have caught a lot on a caroline rig with a brush hog as well as a Spro aruku 75 lipless crank.
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    "cough cough" may need to leave work. feeling a little sick today.
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    Pool 7 has been real good this year. Buddy og mine caught a 7 lber out there last weekend. They're catching some real nice fish on the river.
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    I just moved to west little rock this year and have never been on this section of the river. Fished dardanelle and dumas quite a bit....are you just hitting the banks with a lipless crank or are you fishing structure, flats, etc. If I could walk up the bank and catch a few I may try it. Thanks
  15. I have been fishing below the dam at Morrilton with the same results. Mostly drifting the main channel with a jigging spoon. Great variety of fish. The water temps have been holding in the mid-upper 50s which I think has been a great help. That water temp always seems to create a good bite.
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    Man this makes me want to give it a try. Can anyone explain techniques that are working more. What depth, around jetties, etc?
  18. If you are ever up here and see a red jeep in the parking lot stop on by. Gotta do it before Jan 14th because thats my first day at the Toad suck lock.
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    I sometimes put in at 430 and go up to toad suck. Ill swing by if your there. I go a few days a week plus hunt out there.