Arkansas Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by smokin joe, Jan 3, 2011.

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    From what I read elsewhere there is some big money in it if you are a legal grower. Sign me up

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    What are you.....Smokin Joe.........:fit::fit::fit: sorry Just had to do that...
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    Well tonight it was an bacon wrapped back strap. Took a while to get it goin but well worth it :eating:
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    Wonder who all posted their real names....I know some didn't I.E. "Dertee Hi-pee" haha.
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    It says this is to put the measure on the 2010 ballot :head:
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    My bad I posted the wrong link.
  9. loki

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    Just great, another stupid california idea we all have to live with. Nothing against you california immigrants but you've already screwed up that state and culture, why screw up mine?
  10. bracomadar

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    Smoke pot! Smoke it now, or else! :twak:
  11. MollyWhop

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    Be pretty tough to pass something like that in the Bible Belt. Hell, we can't even buy alcohol on Sundays in this state. I don't see them allowing anyone to fire up a doobie for any reason legally anytime time soon.
  12. loki

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    I can't. It's already helped screw up my lungs. Someday you just may live long enough to learn that mistakes have consequences. Too soon old, to late wise. Of course, some people never learn. If you really want to know just what stupidity will get ya' just take a good hard look at california. It was once a paradise. It ain't a fit place to live anymore. No sir it is not.
  13. stealthycat

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    I got no problem with smoking pot to help someone with a disease
  14. loki

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    If you want to help them give them marinol. It won't screw up their lungs while it's "helping" them.
  15. alexanderg23

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    ummmmmm online petitions is not how it works AT ALL, if you really want info about the group trying to get it on the ballot visit.

    This is some of the same people that help get adult misdemeanor possession of small amounts of marijuana a "low priority" for Fayetteville and Eureka Springs. Passing in both place by 66%

    Any donations no matter how small really do help this small group of volunteers.
  16. smokin joe

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    Tell the folks in Baxter county they cant buy alcohol on Sunday. Yep that's right you can buy alcohol on Sunday in Baxter county, Arkansas.
  17. newton29

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    Just flat out legalize it. We already have legally grown high-grade marijuana illegally coming in from medical marijuana states, and it's selling at a premium. Let's tax it. The medical tag is a joke. Most prescriptions are to young males with complaints of pain.
  18. loki

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    I'd like to "donate" something to this bunch. Tho they might not find it all that pleasant.