Arkansas Honkers hunt.

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    Myself, good friend Jared and fellow Avery Pro-Staffer buddy Kevin went out on a goose hunt last Sat. morning. Since the tornadoes had pretty much sealed the deal on any remaining ducks in our area and made them even fewer and farther between. All I can say is we made a wise choice on goose hunting.

    Shooting honkers is probably my favorite thing to do. I love the green heads but big honkers are an awesome hunt. We shot 3 limits 6 birds but unfortunately one got away from my dog Ace it was cripple and got into the river channel and we lost sight of em before we could do anything about it. Ace did manage to swim down one cripple at 175 yards and made some fine retrieves on the others. We weren't blessed with any jewelry which is odd but we weren't complaining.

    Me and Ace on the left, Jared on the right.

    Kevin on the left with Ace and me on the right.

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    Man thats a great pic. Much competition out there on the geese?

  3. Averyhntr

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    There is a little competition from time to time. Mostly our geese just get sky busted at by guys that really for the most part dont hunt them just shoot them given the opportunity. Towards the end of the season we do get a little more competition for the honkers and it gets fun to see who can convince them who has the best set-up.

  4. Great pics guys, wish I could have joined in the fun. But you know family comes first.:thumb:
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    Nice job James It's good to see you didn't get blown away up there.
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    That hole has always been a good Goose hole!! :biggrin: