Arkansas Gypsies?

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  1. Anyone know anything about the gypies in or near Pine Bluff?
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    Our company has done cabinet work for them. It is my understanding that they live in mobile home complexes and the insides are decorated like someone with bad taste and too much money. They sound occult like to me. Very interesting folks in the way they dress and act. I remember seeing some of the kids the one time I was at the Pine Bluff mall and couldn't believe how they were dressed. I believe the men travel for work and leave the ladies at home. My installer was always nervous when working in their neck of the woods. We did get screwed on some payments from them. They pulled some funny business so they wouldn't have to pay. Seemed like they knew what they were doing in that area. Take all of what I have said with a grain of salt because it is all second hand information to me.

  3. same here.. I was talking to a buddy from stuttgart and he was telling me that he'd made a trip up to the Pine Bluff area. He said that the younger folks reminded him of the Jersey Shore people. He talked to his mom about it and she told him that they're kind of like the mafia, lol.
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    Yeah. That what I was told and the kids I saw were dressed like Jersey Shore. Even more so than the actors on that show. I was going to mention it but I figured half of the people on here have no idea what Jersey Shore is.
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    The mafia is probably a better explanation of them than a cult anyways.
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    What's Jersey Shore?? Is that that show with that midget hispanic girl named Snoopie?
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    My dad's from White Hall, he's 50 yrs old and he said the Gypsies have been in White Hall since he was young, but not sure why they settled in WH and not packed up and moved like they're known for... I've noticed they own several asphalt businesses around PB.
  8. yep, snoopie... I've NEVER watched an episode but have seen them on tv and vaguely familiar w/ who they are.

    yep that's them. my buddy had mentioned another town but I couldn't remember it other than in or around Pine Bluff....but Whitehall is it.
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    I think its Snookie. I never watched it myself but hear people talk about it CONSTANTLY!!!
  10. They are not occult...... just a completely different culture than most around here.

    Stick to their clans for the most part too...... kinda like mountain people in that regard.
  11. Ever get "gypped" in a deal? Well guess where the word came from.

    While some of them may have admirable qualities, generally these "travellers" need to be watched since ripping off the outsiders is their heritage.

    You can be entering a building through a revolving door with a gypsy Behind you. When you step through the door into the building the gypsy is now in front of you.
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    I can tell ya one thing for sure....they cause nothing but problems and have the law watching em like crazy. Always figured they were mobbed up somehow by the way they act and the money they have without even a Jr High education in most cases. I wish they would leave. BTW I grew up a few miles down the road from them so this is all firsthand info.
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    There are some sout of Shreveport also, and when they came grocery shopping, it was all hands on deck. they would enter the store with literally 40 or more members of their group. Some would approach the workers to keep us occupied, and the others would steal us blind. They had shoplifting down to a fine art, utilizing elderly as well as kids. I have seen with my own eyes items just dissapear in their hand I had no idea where they put it, like a magician. We finally was able to catch some on camera and tried to prosecute. At one point between six stores we estimated well over $100,000 in theft to just them.
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    Almost forgot, they also would approach cashiers wanting change for a fifty or a hundred. They would work the cashier over fast talking and confusing them to where at the end of the shift, they would end up being anywhere from 20 to 100 dollars short. Replay the videos and you could see what happened. They were good at what they did, I will give them that.
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    basically the entire primisis if you are not gypsies then they have a moral obligation to steal, scam. cheat, or whatever to you. quote a cheep price on paving driveway get half done price goes up 200- 300 % you pay or they leave and cost you tons to repair what they messed uo. you can spot by the 4-6 yd dump trucks they use. sherrif dept used to try to run the roofers and pavers out of the co. in fasat food had one family come in every sat. order 25-30$ in food when served there was always a problem not made correctly wanted every thing to be given to them not fix the problen but to comp the entire meal. told them to not come back. lot of scams on the elderly. every spring they buy trqavel trailersw and hit the circit and winter in the whith hall jefferson dirve up or dowm old 65 and lood for all the travel trailers in yards. cant remember all the sir names there are 4 main ones. one is reynolds.
  16. wow! I thought this buddy of mine was pulling my leg a little... but I guess not.
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    Cooper, Cooley, Harrison
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    Yup. Johnny, Timmy, Mark. You will see a combination of those 6 over and over.
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    We have a group in the North Mississippi West Tennessee area. We call them Gypsies but they are actually Irish Travelers. Gorman and Costelo are the big surnames. The women all seem to have Mary as a first or middle name. They are pros when it comes to ripping people off. The men travel and rip off people doing roofing and repair work. The women are shoplifters and scammers with the local retailers. I worked in a department store for years and the whole store would go on alert when they came shopping. One of their biggest scams was to buy an expensive item such as a piece of Waterford crystal and then come back later and return a counterfeit copy. They would buy an expensive neck tie, cut the tags off the back, sew them on an old tie and try to return it. They target new employees or part timers who don't know who they are or what to look for. If you caught them they would just leave and go to another store. They have so many scams I could go on and on for pages. I find them fascinating but they are definitely shady. The "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" shows on TV are interesting in that they show you how they live. Mobile homes and with a Lexus or Cadillac parked in front!

    This is hearsay, but I have been told they justify their stealing in an interesting way. They believe that when Christ was going to be crucified there were four nails to be used. One of their ancestors stole the fourth nail and somehow this lessened his pain.