Arkansas Football made 40 million $ in profit last year

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by Selfbow, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Selfbow

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    10. Arkansas Razorbacks
    Current Value: $83 million
    One-Year Change in Value: -7%
    Football Revenue: $64 million
    Football Profit: $40 million
    Conference: SEC
    Head Coach: Bret Bielema

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    Thanks to the increased "donations" for season tickets.
  3. Blyon

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    on forbes it's the 10th most valuable program in the country.
  4. Selfbow

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    They could give the tickets away and still make a profit of $19,000,000.

    The problem is that thanks to title IX, football has to pay for all of the girls sports. If you have 85 football players on scholarship, you must have 85 girls on athletic scholarship somewhere. Not many fans show up to watch chicks play. (unless it is beach volleyball)
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    Wal-Mart - Tyson Foods - JB Hunt - Con Agra and Jerry Jones..........Doesn't suprise me at all.
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    Don't forget Don Reynolds
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    There's a money-maker right there... :biggrin: