Arkansas Flooded Timber Hunt?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Kurto_15, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Hi this year I am thinking of coming to Arkansas for a flooded timber hunt. I am going to go on a public land freelance hunt. I am planning on going sometime between Late December to early January. I am not here to ask for GPS coordinates of your honey holes or anything like that. I'm also not some northern a!!hole who sky blasts everything that flies by. I won't try to argue with someone while I'm down there that I'm in there spot. If I am ok then I'll offer to have them hunt with me. If it came down to it I'd probably find another spot. So as of right now I am thinking of 2 WMA's. The dave donaldson/Black river and the St. Francis sunken lands. So my question is are these good places to go that time of year? Also if one more crowded then the other and if they are is it worth it to go to the more crowded? Thanks for all the help in advance and if you have any other hints or tips I'd appreciate it very much.
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    On any day & at any time, on any WMA in Arkansas read below!!!! :smack:


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    It will be real good hunting starting 1/28/08 :biggrin:
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    and a lot less crowded:biggrin: :biggrin:
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    :exactly: :lol:
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    Not to familiar with dave donaldson, but i know for sure that the locals at st. francis don't mind busing window, slashing tires etc. They are very protective. So, ifin you do make someone mad there, you will pay. That is for any local or oos. They don't discriminate. But them boys are some good guys, just territorial. Thats all i've got.
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    kurto, welcome to the site! :thumb: Duck hunting in AR can be fun, and can be annoying as some have mentioned. My advice would be to hook up with a guide. That is the easiest way to get some ducks. But if you want to go public land, good luck! Also, remember our season closes on the 28th of this month so not much time left. Good luck!:thumb:
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    i have been and the people are really territorial with their blinds. they will kick you out no matter what and won't allow you to hunt with them. i was lucky enough to get into one guys who had an exta blind he let me hunt but he acutlally told us to get out

    i know some poeple that hunt dave donaldson they fo pretty good but it can be territorial because of decoys being left out all season but no blinds to claim