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    Please see atached docs. This is a intro letter for the Arkansas dog hunters Association. Also is a registration form. Please help us keep dog hunting leagal in the state.
  2. John Taylor

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    I'm from Louisiana, but glad to see Arkansas is also forming a dog hunters Association. Here in Louisiana a rabbit hunters association has been organized and it is growning in membership daily. The Wildlife & Fisheries is starting to work with us and in 2014 we are promissed sections in WMA set aside for running dogs and time before deer season and after deer season to hunt rabbits. Time after turkey season just to trail. Before this the WMA's were just targeting all their efforts to the deer hunters. I myself am a deer hunter, but also a rabbit hunter. The wildlife and Fisheries wasn't allowing any hunting with dogs in WMA's before this. They tried it in selected WMA's this past hunting season and realized they needed to also cater to the small game hunter. The WMA's that rabbit hunting with dogs was allowed drew way more visitors then in previous seasons with no problems at all.

    Best of Luck and wish you guys big success. This forum disappoints me when I read so many against dog hunting. With the goverment wanting to take our right away from us everytime we turn around we need to stand and not loose the right to hunt with dogs.


  3. Tony Harris

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    Glad to see you guys forming a group. Your first objective needs to be improving your image with non dog running groups. The reason people get upset with dog runners is the jerks who do as they please thinking they have the right to go get their dog wherever it may be and run wherever they want. While these may be the few bad apple they are the ones that stink and cause the whole barrel to be thrown out. Follow the rules, teach all dog runners to be neighbors first and dog runners second and you guys will go far. Good luck.
  4. LC

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    If this gets going I hope you guys clean up deer dog hunting. Deer dog runners are a major problem in zone 11 around my place. For the sport to survive something needs to change.

  5. LC I know first hand that there are some dog hunters that are not ethical but there are unethical hunters in all game per suits . **** will strive to help ethical dog hunters and expose non- ethical groups. Our main goal will be to help all dog hunters keep their right to hunt with dogs no matter what the animal species.
    Please let me know what problems you have been having personally. I will try to come up with a solution.
  6. Tony I agree 100%
  7. LC

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    I have had deer dog hunters turn out dogs on my posted land, trespass on my land to cut dogs off or to catch dogs. Run deer dogs when the does are about to start fawning (like they have been doing for the last two months around my place). When I have confronted deer dog hunters about these issues they just say "my dog got out of the pen or my dogs can't read posted signs or see purple paint". Bottom line is that my land is mine and I do not want deer dogs or their owners on my land. I manage my land for quaility bucks and the deer dog hunters know this and try to run on my land all the time. I have talked to AGFC about the problems and they say there is not much they can do about deer dogs.

  8. LC i know this is not going to make every body happy but the **** beleives very strongly that a man should be able to retreive his dog. These dogs are doing what they are breed to do. I will tell you to put a pen on your property and catch all the dogs that come across your property this is your right as a land owner. The dog owner can come and pick them up or you can take to the pound for them to retreive.
    I know this isn't what you want to hear and the dog man either ; but I will say this:: Hunters have been using dogs to persue game for thousands of years long before private land or deer management programs. That being said I agree there are alot of dog men with bad ethics. If you dont want the dogs on your property then the deer dog hunters should respect that and do their best to resolve the problem.
  9. LC

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    With what you are saying in the above post about strongly believing in the right to trespass to retrieve your dog I will not support your new dog hunters association. You stating that the land owner should have to catch the dogs for the dog hunters or allow trespass makes no more sense than the land owner shooting the dogs. Your way of thinking is going to make more enemies of the land owners. Private property rights are more important than dog hunter rights. It is the responsibility of the dog owners to keep their dogs off of lands where thet are not wanted. If they can not keep them off then they should lose the right to run their dogs.

  10. LC IV tried all my life to train dogs to read posted signs and stay on my side of the fence but it hasn't worked yet. I believe very strongly in private property rights but know that a dog knows no such law.
    Please tell me if you would what would be a happy medium for you and dog hunters. I ask this question because I'm trying to right up some sugested guide lines that would bring both sides to a happy medium if that is possible.4
  11. BIG JIM

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  12. cuppinducks

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    It's quite simple actually. Dog hunters need to be held responsible for the actions of their dogs. Including trespassing. If you can't keep them up... don't let them out. It is that easy...
  13. LC

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    The only sure fix is for the dog hunters to keep their dogs off of the private property. It is the dog owners responsiblity to do this and the land owner should not have to chase down dogs or have his hunt ruined by dogs on his own land. I have owned tree dogs and retrievers in my past and I had to make sure I stayed away from others land that did not want them on it. If the dog's owner can not keep them off of the land then he should find places where he can. I know none of this is what you want to hear, but the times are changing and it is going to be hard on the dog hunters.

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    agree 100 percent
  15. mhr7

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    Deer hunting with dogs is on the way out. I've seen it in my area almost vanish in the last 10 years and to tell the truth I'm glad. Sure is a lot less problems and a lot more trophy bucks killed. I remember the days when I could only sit on a stand about an hour before someone would run dogs across my place and I'd spend all morning catching dogs and running people off.
  16. snake73

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    Deer hunting with dogs is not on the way out it is going strong and with the help of this new assoc. will continue to do so I hope. I know alot of people feel like LC about this topic so I would like to give you something to think about LC. I hunt with dogs and hope everyone that hunts, hunts the way they enjoy it as long as it is legal. I know most people that don't hunt with dogs don't like dog hunting. I don't like hunting in a tree stand over a corn feeder or over a trail that is a frequent crossing for deer, but hope that everyone that does hunt that way does it every chance they get because I'm for HUNTING. We need to find a common ground because there are alot of people that are against ALL Hunters! We live in a world where "if you don't do it like me your wrong" As far as people turning dogs out on your property, do you confront them when they do this and ask them what they are thinking! That's a bad deal and like Wirenut says unethical hunters are out there but they are not all hunting with dogs. I'm not condoning violent behavior but I think I could put a stop to people turning dogs loose on my property if I caught them doing it!
  17. snake73

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    I wasn't quite done. I gotta respond to Tony Harris' reply... "a few bad apples and the whole barrel thrown out" Tony if someone bow hunting gets caught killing an illegal deer should we outlaw bowhunting? or a guy gets caught baiting ducks so lets outlaw duck hunting? NO WAY! You deal with THE bad apple and get him out of the barrel! You should think about what you are saying, it is like our gov't saying this kid shot a bunch of kids at school so lets make more gun laws!
  18. LC

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    I have confronted them and they give all the same excuses, "my dog can't read posted signs, I've hunted here my whole life, dogs got out of the pen, etc", most of them just run off. Not all dog hunters are slobs, but alot of them in my area are and they wait till you go to church on Sundays or hear that you will be out of town or just do not care and they turn out dogs on my place because they know how I manage the bucks on my place and have some nice ones. I have several other friends that own large tracts of land and they have the same problems. Like I have said before the only middle ground I know of is for dog hunters to keep their dogs off of private property where they are not welcome. You say you could put a stop to it, tell me how. The only way I know is like what alot of people on this site are saying is to SSS, but I would rather not shoot a another persons dog.

  19. johnf

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    The biggest part of this response is the same BS that we've heard for years. Who really cares what hunters have been doing for thousands of years. For thousands of years lots of folks did lots of things that are not socially acceptable anymore. Like it or not a man should be able to protect his property the way he sees fit. If unethical dog runners don't want their dogs shot they shouldn't run them where they aren't wanted. It's not a land owners responsibility to house an unwanted animal, it's the dogs owners responsibility to keep a dog where it belongs. If he is unable to do that, he shouldn't be running the dogs in the first place.
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    Certainly don't want anyone to SSS. I am a man and if I have a reason to Shoot and Shovel I will tell you I did it! My way of putting a stop to it isn't the proper thing to do either, but if I SAW someone turning dogs loose on my property and my property were posted I would treat them just like they were breaking into my house. Now, if I see their dogs on my property that does not mean they turned them loose there. That is a whole lot different. Our dogs run game and if said game runs onto your property we have no control over that, but if left alone the dogs would probably run back off the property and back where they came from.