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Are you sick and tired of deer dogs topics?

  • YES

    Votes: 94 83.9%
  • NO

    Votes: 18 16.1%
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the whole topic is redundant. i know some people cant stand deer dogs, but enough is enough. hunting will eventually end up like trapping, which is looked down upon by the rest of the (non trapping / hunting) world, unless hunters will stay together. the idea that a hunter wants to ban a legal means of hunting is beyond my understanding....

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I am tired of seeing hunters divided.

That said I hate hunting deer with dogs.


Well it's a personal thing derived from a lifetime spent actually pursuing deer with dogs on one end, and spending another life hunting deer on the other end.

You see, I have been on each end, and seen both perspectives.

Now I must say that there are some very good old boys that run deer dogs, and I would like to see that way of life continued! These guy's are very organized. They have ten's of thousands of acres leased, and they pretty much keep their dogs on their lease. And the dogs that get off there lease only enter into another lease. (Who also run dogs)

The situation I just described, as you all know, is a south Arkansas situation, where I have a Deer lease.

Now the other side!

These "good ol' boy's" have a pack of walkers. They live around Dover, Alma, Mena, Scottland, Ola, take your pick! (anywhere in the hills of Arkansas)

They go out, drinking beer, with CB radios, ATV's, and high powered rifles. Knowing full well they have no right running their dogs where they are, and if they do, they dont care where there dogs go, because they will just say "my dog cant read, he didnt know that was your property"!

I hate those guys, and to tell you the truth, they ruined it for ALL dog deer hunters in my state!

Ban all Deer dogs, stop the madness!

If you are too stupid to be able to kill a deer with your own skills, then you deserve to starve in my opinion. Or draw welfare, like a good Democrat/Liberal should!

Oh and if you have 100 acres, and say your dogs never leave your property, then you are even more stupid than me!

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I voted yes. But I have to admit there has been some gripes and they are justified. But banning dogs all together will not solve the problem. I just hate to see the bad apples out there who think they have more rights than the average hunters. I am not talking about the ones who are trying to do right but all those that hunts with or without dogs there is some on both sides of that fence.:confused:

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Ready too push this thing as :censored: far as I can till the dogs are history.:rolleyes: The sorry lowlifes around here were in the local diner talking about running deer yesterday. I told them to check the regs as it's not permitted after Dec. 31. They laughed and said guess our dogs will run Coyotes.:mad: This is the kinda crap we put up with here , no :censored: enforcement .:frown:
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