Are these deer jawbones.

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by knighten, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. knighten

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    http://[​IMG]We dug these bones up in a cave when we were little,they are from missouri where i grew up at.We found arrowheads and pottery also.They were from the osage indians.If you can tell what there from feel free to let me know.I assume the jawbones are deer.
  2. 7 point

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    Those jawbones look pretty big I'd say Bigfoot:cool:
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  3. I would have to say that they are to big to be a deer. But I am no expert
  4. Sylamore

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    Either deer or possibly elk jaw bones. Couple of rib bones on the bottom of the photo and some leg bones. Interesting photo! :thumb:
  5. knighten

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    I didnt think about elk.Could be from the eastern elk.I think the last ones were killed in the 1860s in Mo.We had lots of arrowheads and pottery.some peices of pottery were whole bowls and such.My brother gave it to college he was going to.
  6. wrecker19

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    Very cool!! Can you give us a picture of the good stuff though, I'm sure you have a good collection going :biggrin:
  7. Vetrock

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    You have a couple of tibia and an humerus in there, and they look very much like dog bones. Maybe you have different animals in there.
  8. SalineRiver

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    coolest thread EV-AH!:clap:
  9. Definitely more than one critter represented there. The jaw bones are way too big for deer. Look at them compared to the vertebrae at the top of the photo. I also see 3 different size rib bones.

    Cool find.
  10. knighten

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    I have several more but these are the best ones.
  11. I dont think there deer. Way to big. It does however look to be some kind of grass eater.
  12. camron

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    Me thinks horse. There were also camels in North America at one time.
  13. jublain

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    They kinda look like the top part of the jaw like part of the skull. The one with the hole in it looks like part of a horse skull.
  14. xbigp

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    my grandpa got teeth just like that ???
  15. gutpile

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    seen one not too long ago on hwy 65N, someones pet but it will kinda freak you out when you look out there expecting a deer just anywhere then a camel appears.