Are There Wolves in Arkansas?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by hogman, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. hogman

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    I think we got 'em.
  2. I dont know, but I know a man that used to shoot coyotes real regular in a big field behind his house. He said one day he saw two cuttin across the corner of the field and shot one of them. He said late that evening he went down to carry it off and said it was bigger than any other coyote he'd seen. Said it didn't have that keen muzzle like a coyote, and no it wasn't a coy-dog he said.....

  3. stealthycat

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    no wolves - not for a very long time

    maybe someone wolf hybrid dog ... but no, no wolves
  4. jdawg

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    Most people will tell you no. Me, I don't know. I know people who said they've seen them, but I never have.
  5. John Stiles

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    I've seen a few....occasionally I see very big tracks. I've studied tracks and pretty sure it ain't no dog.
  6. YES, my grandfather owns 2,200 acers. Right out in the middle of nowhere. He has pics of a few out in his field and I have seen three out there. He won't let anyone hunt out there for anything but deer. I have never seen them up close but the tracks are HUGE and when you see them off in the distance their bodies are a LOT bigger than a yote. No I don't have pics. And since my grandfather is recently passed away no I will not be getting any either. So say what you want but I will say there are wolves in Arkansas.
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    My father in-law hit one with his truck in georgetown one night. He told me where he hit it i drove out an looked at it an i thought it was a wolf. So we called ol green jeans an he came out an he thought it was a wolf as well. That was bout 5 years ago.
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    Prescott has Curley Wolves...
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    There has been wolves near my house for years but rarely see them. Whenever we have a hard winter tho it is easy to see them at the edge of the wood line watch some young calves if the pasture.
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    Sure we do! There running around with the black panthers!!:rolleyes:
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    There are alot of Redwolves around the Jonesboro area. :whistle:
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    yep i love the curley wolves
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    Nope...... Gus took their heart and soul to Auburn!!!!

    LOL. Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I doubt there are any though.
  14. In the early part of the 20th century extensive predator control program basically wiped out the entire red wolf population. Only two populations of red wolf were believe to exist by the late 1930s. One in the Ozarks/Quachita Mountain region of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma and one in southeastern Texas and southern Louisiana. Today with over 265 animals in captivity and in the wild red wolves are starting to make a slow comeback.

    taken from
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    Yeah, but the Yellowjackets used to beat 'em pretty regular!

    (Stamps alum '65)
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    Out of the thousands of game cams in Arkansas someone would have a pic of one if they were around. I do have pics of black coyotes. My uncle killed one last year and got it mounted.
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    Heck who knows, some say Arkansas has Bigfoots, Ivory-billed woodpeckers, badgers, cougars, and black panthers so yes we probably have wolves as well.

  18. Red wolf is nothing but a big 'yote.