Are there still blk panthers, in ar.

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Biggamer, Sep 4, 2010.

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    are there still blk panthers, in ar.... My answer is definetly, yes!!! Here is my hunting adventure story... I was coon hunting, at night, with both my hounds. I heard a noise, and knew exactly what it was... Both my dogs just up and left me standing there alone, so i began, to run, the thing actually chased me through the trees. I finally, made it, to my cabin, and quickly shut the door... The next, morning i opened the door, and there where deep claw marks... Needless too say, i do not hunt, at night any longer... This is a true story and i am not the only one, that has had it happen too me..., so if you hunt, in the northern part of ar., at night use caution... Oh and yes, i luckly, i did have an extra pair, of shorts...
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    You need to play for the razorbacks if you can out run a mountain lion, hope your dogs find there way back home.

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  4. Hey, try proof reading your posts before hitting the "Submit Reply" button. All of the punctuation errors, sentence fragments, misspelled words and run on sentences made that post hard to read.
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    What have y'all been smokin in Boone county
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    Newton county home grown. :poke:
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    Think it is called......Newton County Gold.....:eek:
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!! Gotta get me some of that!!!!:fit::fit::fit::fit::fit: I believe him.:yikes: This one time, i went out in the woods, and I herd something, so I started running, and it kept on grunting, behind me, so I went straight in to my tent, and got on the porta-crapper, and left a big brownie, it was not long, after that, that I realized, that it was only, me farting!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!:fit::fit:
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    I,think its possible,that we have them,in Arkansas.
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    We definitely have mountain lions I have seen one. It may have been a pet who knows it wasn't black though. I know someone who claims to have seen 2 black ones that he said were small ones. He wouldn't lie about it.
    I was predator calling several years ago and had a gray fox coming in and I was waiting for it to clear some brush to shoot. A much larger thin looking black animal almost got the fox and they both ran. I have no idea what it was maybe a black coyote maybe a black cat. Who knows. And no I don't have pictures.
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    Give the man a break, he was just chased, by a black,panther, in the dark, no less. He is gonna be, shook up, for a while.:wink:
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    shoot that aint nothin !! a few yrs ago some knuckle-head claimed he saw a ivory billed woodpecker. almost brought the world to a stand still. feds spent millions of dollars, lot of tourist fed the mosquitos, oh well !!
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    It could have been a Black Bigfoot. :eek:
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    Wow, Really?? :smack:
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    Should have left the front door open, ran out the back door, then came around and shut the front door. Could have trapped that sucker.
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    Can you skin Grizz Pilgrim? :biggrin:
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    One of the best movies of all time. :thumb:
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    I had a fight in the middle of one of them thar black panther parties one time.
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    I completely, agree. Since I, have seen one, too.