Are side by sides all that and a bag of chips?

Discussion in 'ATV's and Motorcycles' started by 7 point, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Well after joining a lease last year and taking my wife and kids down there riding around in the truck. My wife says that she thinks I should get a side by side instead of my 4 wheeler, shocking I know but she is freaking awesome. So anyway many of y'all know we moved to LR this year and I have not even deer hunted at all this year so my 4 wheeler has been sitting at my moms. I went down to get it last night and the thing would barely start, I just had it fixed before season and starting has been an on going issue. So last night I'm looking at side by sides and those things are expensive. I was looking at a Ranger and with a roof, winch and back glass it was about $15,000. So are they worth it or would I be better off to buy an old jeep or something like that to take to the woods? I also thought about just buying a new 4 wheeler but the side by side or jeep seems a lot more practical.
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    Honda Big Red is around 12000. They are nice when you have someone riding with you. Only thing can't go in some places that you can take a 4 wheeler. But if got decent trails, they are nice. Good to have that bed to carry extra gear and whatever else you want to haul. I like mine, but also enjoy my 4 wheeler when by myself.

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    They're awesome. I'll suggest a Ranger. We have a Ranger 800 Crew but that's not for everyone. In the woods it's a hassle but I'm rarely IN the woods with it.
  4. I have had a 2 seater rzr, ranger, and I now have a 4 seater rzr. My father-in-law has a 6 seater ranger. If you are really thinking about taking the kids with you. A two seater is NOT the way to go. I mean you can make it work BUT it is a pain. Honestly if you are looking for something to hunt out of and take the kids riding around in the wooods. I would PERSONALLY suggest the six seater ranger. Its just two bench seats but the bed is big and there is plenty of room in it. My father has a big red. He loves it but the kids and I go over there we take the 4 seater rzr so that no one has to sit on anyones lap. Not to mention 4 or 5 people in a two seater. Side by Sides are great, I love them. And all of them out there these days are pretty good. Each one has an area that they are better than the others in. But for what you are looking at doing IN MY OPINION a 6 seater ranger or a jeep would be the way to go.
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    The single best hunting purchase of my life. Ranger 800xp. My kids love it, my wife loves it, my dog loves it, and I love it.
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    I'm going through the same dilemma 7P. The only difference is I don't even have a 4 wheeler - just my trusty ole truck. Yesterday - I went and drove the rangers. I drive the 800 crew and the 500 crew. I have pretty much settled on the ranger crew because i have a wife and kids but I can't make up my mind between the 500 and 800. The 800 with roof, power steering, EFI, and winch in camo was $15,800 out the door. The 500 crew with everything the 800 had with exception of power steering (not available on 500 yet) and being green in color was $10,800. The $5,000 difference is definitely something to think about. Will I regret not having the 800's power? Will I regret not having the smaller body size of the 500? Sorry - not meaning to hijack your thread - but I am hoping to benefit from it as well. :)
  7. My father-in-law started off with the 500 crew and a year later upgraded to the 800 camo crew. He said the power difference is HUGE and he loves the power steering. He pulls his flat bottom boat on a trailer out to his fishing and duck hunting spot. He said when you are climbing a hill with a load the exta hp is GREAT. Just a thought, but like you said that 5000 differnce is a lot. Just trying to help.
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    I have a big red. I also have a Forman 4 wheeler. The only time I use the foreman is when it's a real bad place I need to go. I never thought I would like a side by side but after I got mine there is no way I would only have a 4wheeler unless I couldn't possibly afford it. Even when out messing around by urself it's just more comfy and convenient to have that extra room plus a bed. As far as jeep or SXS I would go with a SxS. A newer good jeep will cost just as much and get worse fuel mileage. There is the benefit of just driving it to the woods other than hauling but it will need higher $ insurance plus tags. A jeep is fun but not handy. A SxS is handy useing it around the house. U will use it for lots of things other than hunting. The part of crew cab or not depends on u. Mine is not and has not been an issue. Small kids ride in lap or middle. Bigger kids and adults can get in back. An old buss seat can be fixed so its easy to take on and off. In the long run I feel a SxS will get far more use than a jeep.
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot to add, I have a 4x4 honda 420 rancher. I LOVED that thing UNTILL we got a SxS. The only time I ride it now is when the wife and I are both hunting and I go to one place and she goes to a completely different one. So maybe once or twice a year.
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    Why not buy a little nissan or toyota for a quarter of the price and have ac and heat?
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    I just made the jump last year, traded in 2 atv's and got my family a polaris ranger crew 800. Best thing I ever did, my family loves it! I have 3 kids and now we can all ride together at the same time safely. They are quite pricey but hold their value very well so I saw it as a good investment.
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    Lol for the price you could buy a nice truck. Pretty funny to think about.. kind of.

    Having the crew cab 800 now I really don't see how we ever got by without it. (FirstWorldProblems)
  13. I'm amazed by the people that will spend 15K on something with no heater, no doors, that won't fit anywhere a Jeep won't go, isn't street legal, and then pull the thing on a trailer all over creation.

    If you are going to ride and entertain the kids get a SXS.... if you are going to hunt keep the ATV. Sound like you don't use one enough to need more than a old ATV anyway.
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    X2 I have the same thing and it's a beast! My wife and daughter fit comfortable and all the power ya need
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    I have wife and 3 kids. I have had 2 rangers nowand like them alot. I cant do the crew just too big. My ranger 800 id take anywhere. If anyone says they cant go where a 4 wheeler can id prove them wrong. Now my 900 prolly be a while b4 i can do it to this one.
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    I have had 6 4 wheelers Honda s and Yamaha's..........3 SXS 500 ranger..700 ranger and now a 2012 Ranger Diesel... the ranger diesel has tons of torque and plenty of speed for work and also has no problems with all the wiring and such the gasers have. It is the only way to go if you can pay the price. I had the 06 700 Ranger with 18,000 miles on it and sold it for 2,000 less than I paid new. The resale on the Ranger holds up real well. The diesel will hold it's vaue even more than the gasers. I pull Full size trucks with the diesel, haul dirt and rocks, and it will pull a 24 foot pontoon with no problem...It also get 23 MPG vs 10 MPG with the gasers.......:biggrin:

    I ride and work mine everyday. You can save allot of money by building the roof yourself as I do. There are allot of after market gadgets for them allot cheaper than factory.

    The full size Rangers are built allot stronger than the mid size 500 ,,,, frames and suspension and gearing, brakes and such.:up:



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    Yes to each his own and I have a 4 X 4 Tractor also and no need for a Jeep........:biggrin::up:
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    I've got the ranger 400 and really like it. It can go most places a 4 wheeler can and is alot more comfortable for 2 or 3 and has plenty of room in the bed. I just don't have hunting areas to use it on and I haven't even been hunting yet this year so it's for sale just bc I don't have much use for it.
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    I got a nice 3010 Kawasaki Mule I'm about to sell around 4k if any one interested pm me
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    It might not get him there any better but it will get his entire family there, which after all is the entire reason for his original pot.