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Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by lonwen99, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. lonwen99

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    Just talked to Acadamy in Jonesboro , They have pulled all there AR type guns from the main shelves and put them in the back . The guy I talked to didnt even know what they had . He said it came from main office .
  2. I saw a report that Dicks sporting goods also did that. More reason to support your local shops

  3. chaley

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    Academy told me they could sell just not dispaly...the Sherwood store sold 3 tonight while i was there.
  4. lonwen99

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    Thats ok Academy , someone else got my money tonight .:biggrin::flag:
  5. cropdustersteve

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    X2 We all need to support the local guys.
  6. headhunter_60

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    There were 7 guys at academy tonight all buying ar-15s.

    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    They pulled all of the AR's off of their website. I am so disappointed in them.
  8. lonwen99

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    Is this what is has come to is selling AR type of guns out of the back of the stores as not to offend someone ? I am really glad I called before driving 60 miles to buy a gun from Academy . Like I said earler thats ok , I just gave my $850.00 dollars to someone that believes in the 2nd ammedment .
  9. D33RHUNT3R

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    You fellas are like 4 yrs late to the party.. I saw this coming the day Barry was elected the 1st time ..I was a whack (wearing a tinfoil hat) for thinking the left was after our guns.. lets see Barry hasn't even started his second term yet, the states have barely finished the vote count and they 1st thing He goes after "stealing from the taxpayer and everyones guns... saw that coming 10 trillion miles away..and trust me this is only the beggining ... they will not be happy till we only have a bow and maybe a muzzleloader... They view the 2nd admendment as a right to hunt and Yuo dont need that kind of gun for hunting .. or that seems to be the new theme ..

    I predict the feds will introduce a BUY BACK bill after that I predict it will be illegal to own any gun that is likely more than a single shot ...
    They are trying to put us on a slippery slope to destroying the 2nd admendment..
  10. lonwen99

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    Oh im not late for the party , im with you , it's coming . I was hoping 4 years was enough , but I gueus it wasent .