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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Polywog, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. It's time to put in for Spring 2011 WMA Turkey permits.. I was surprised at the reduction in the number of permits available this year.. Put in anyway.. Good luck to all..:up:
  2. woodsnwater

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    Yea, I apply for Wattensaw. I am gonna try it again to turkey hunt. What I don't understand is why some a drawing like Wattensaw? When I did hunt a little there was no drawing. Numbers that bad?

  3. Yes sir numbers are down.. The number of permits available at Sylamore for the opener went from 175 last year to 30 this year..
  4. TacHunter

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    Got mine in! :thumb: 1st choice Sylamore Apr. 16-18, 2nd choice Gulf Mtn. Apr. 16-18. Every year I mix and match my dates on my 1st & 2nd choices to try and improve my odds but I decided this year it was gonna be an opener or I would hunt the whole season somewhere else. I wanted to put in for Gene Rush WMA but I didn't see it listed. Like you guys said, permit numbers are down but so are the birds. I'm curious to see how many applicants put in for hunts and how many are awarded. :first: I'm all for it if it will help. Less pressure will help, not as much as a good hatch, at this point any help is a step up. :idea:
  5. Yeah I hope you get 1 of the 28 left after my son and I get ours..:up:
  6. Hooked Spurs

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    That is no doubt a drastic reduction in permits for Sylamore.
  7. Ozark hunter

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    i hear people say the bird numbers are down but i have seen more this year than i ever have while deer hunting :head:
  8. Hooked Spurs

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    That's great news!! It appears overall that the hatch was better this year. Probably in part to the drier conditions. A couple consecutive years of that, teamed with conservative seasons and jake restriction, we should see a continued improvement.
  9. southeasthog

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    Good luck getting it done online. I just tried twice and both times it changed my date of birth to 12/31/69. I didn't submit either one and filed a report so I expect the AGFC to clear the problem right up. Might want to read over y'alls application before you submit 'em.
  10. Hooked Spurs

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    Sylamore - 175 permits??

    :head: I was unable to pull up the available hunt list on my laptop, but could on my phone. I see that Sylamore says 30/3. Is that odds or something? I was curious as to hunts so before I checked on my phone, I went through the process of applying for hunts. In that list it shows Sylamore offers 175 permits.
  11. Hooked Spurs

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    I thought it was just me. It did exact same thing when I was trying to enter information. After my birthdate didn't work, I tried my hunters ed #. It would not work either, so I used my social # and it finally went through.
  12. Holmes

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    That's not true, its still 175
  13. bow4me

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    I would say the bird numbers are up in sylamore from what I seen during deer season, but you have to get down out off the top and out of the ice damage. But I'm glad they're keeping the permit draw going thats my favorite place to turkey hunt. I would like to see a little better numbers.
  14. Just went back to the application form and it now says 175 permits for Sylamore.. When I filled ours out Thursday it said 30 permits available.. Hopefully they get it all straight before the draw.. Sorry for any confusion..:shrug:
  15. davglo35

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    I saw a lot of young turkeys this fall. More than I've seen in a long time. The turkeys are on the rebound but don't let the Game & Fish fool you. It is not due to shorter seasons or later seasons, it is due to a fair hatch in 2009 and a great hatch in 2010. I saw several jakes during the 2010 season and the woods should be loaded with them this coming spring. After they rebound the AGFC will blow their horn and take the credit for the success of their regulations. They would have rebounded regardless. I still say that April 16 is way too late for the season to be opening. The hens will get bred no matter how many hunters are roaming the woods. There are always a few gobblers in a given area that have harems of hens and never come to a call. Hens drift in and out of the gobblers presence all day long and eventually most, if not all of them are bred. Yall know the type of gobblers Im talking about. We've all dealt with em.
  16. Guitarzan

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    Thank you for the reminder! :up: